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Alleviating hay fever with air purifiers: how does it work?

Every year, more and more people suffer from hay fever. An air purifier with Hepa filter is a great ally to reduce the uncomfortable symptoms. Find out what the best hay fever air purifier is. Read more

Dehumidifier with heat pump, worth the investment?

A heat pump dehumidifier has many advantages: you avoid excess humidity and the problems that come with it. And they are also more energy-efficient than other dehumidifiers! Read more

Buying a humidifier – which is best for you?

Buying a humidifier will prevent dry skin, eye irritation and reduce the chances of viruses spreading in your home. It is also essential for properly storing items that need special care, such as floor wood, musical instruments and art. Find out which type of humidifier is right for you Read more

Want to buy a dehumidifier? Check what you need

A dehumidifier helps prevent nasty problems like mould and mildew. But not all dehumidifiers are the same. We tell you everything you need to know! Read more

Ozone generator for a boat | Discover its cleaning power

An ozone generator is the perfect solution for your boat. From private boats to commercial use. An ozone generator is effective against odours, mould and bacteria. Read on for more information. Read more

Ozone generators for fire and flood damage

Fire and flood damage leave behind odours, bacteria and mould that are difficult to remove. Thanks to an ozone generator, you can remove everything quickly and efficiently. Read more about it. Read more

Ozone generator – What is it and is it healthy?

An ozone generator is effective in eliminating bacteria, viruses and bad odours. Read more about its effectiveness and how to use it. Read more

Risk of heart disease due to fine dust

Risk of heart disease due to fine dust: discover how fine dust causes heart attacks and learn how to protect yourself from its harmful effects with an air purifier. Learn more about the mechanisms involved in the relationship between fine dust and cardiovascular disease. Read more

Is an air purifier effective against dust mites?

An air purifier helps you maintain optimum air quality and remove all pollution and allergens from the air in your home. Therefore, an air purifier is very effective against house dust mites. We will tell you which air purifier is most suitable against pesky house dust mites. Read more

Nuisance pellet stove neighbours | What can I do?

This winter, more and more people will opt for a pellet furnace to heat their homes. Although they are less polluting than conventional fireplaces and cookers, the smoke they emit is still harmful to our health. Read more about their dangers and how an air purifier can solve your heating problem. Read more

Energy-efficient air purifier, save energy consumption

Providing our homes and offices with clean air is very important. However, rising energy costs are something to consider. An energy-efficient air purifier is the solution. In this blog, we tell you everything you need to know. Read more

Odour neutralisation, neutralising unpleasant odours

An unpleasant smell has a major impact on our perception of a site. This is why more and more people are opting for odour neutralisation. There are several methods to remove odours, but the most effective is an odour neutraliser. We tell you everything you need to know! Read more

Air purifier in the kitchen, remove fine dust and cooking air

An air purifier in the kitchen is essential to maintain good air quality and avoid all health problems related to particulate matter. The exhaust fan is not enough to remove these fine and harmful particles. Read on to know all the details and which air purifier is right for your kitchen. Read more

Scented fitness, a real marketing workout

An aroma diffuser in the gym is beneficial for both the owner and the clients. The elimination of unpleasant odours (such as sweat) and the diffusion of fresh scents promote a better experience, with more uninterrupted visits to the gym and more efficient workouts. We’ll tell you all the details. Read more

Air pollution and children, explanation and risks

Numerous studies have shown the harmful effects of air pollution on our health. Children are even more sensitive than us and can develop respiratory diseases and even have a negative impact on their cognitive development. An air purifier may be the solution. We will tell you all the details. Read more

Air purification in the class. Is it effective?

Education is one of the hot spots for coronavirus infections. The use of infection-reduction strategies is essential. The most effective way is to place an air purifier in the classroom. We tell you all you need to know about how an air purifier can reduce the risk of infection and what is the best air purifier for a classroom. Read more

Hepa filter or also a carbon filter in your air purifier?

The Hepa filter is very popular and well known. But that alone will not be able to remove all the various pollutants from the air. Therefore, it is necessary to combine it with other filters. A carbon filter, for example, can remove gases and odours. In this blog, we will tell you all about the carbon filter for your air purifier, but also about other possible filters and techniques for effective and complete air cleaning. Read more

Ambient scenting | Handling odours in healthcare

Scenting is of fundamental importance in the healthcare sector. Unpleasant odours are inevitable, but with odour control you can eliminate them and improve the stay of patients and staff. Read on to find out how scents affect us and which device is best suited for healthcare. Read more

Enhance your shop with scent marketing

Scent marketing in a shop is a fundamental tool to increase sales and gain customers. It also brings benefits to employees, whose productivity increases. But how do you implement it correctly in retail? We tell you all you need to know about scent marketing in retail. Read more

Scent marketing wellness, why?

In a wellness centre, all elements are important: music, light and scents. Scent marketing allows you to offer your customers the best experience. Discover all the details here. Read more

Scent marketing for hotels

Scent marketing is the latest trend in hotels. Not surprisingly, it has many advantages. Read everything you need to know to implement it effectively in your hotel. Read more

An air purifier, how healthy is it?

The health benefits of an air purifier have been scientifically proven in various studies. But the ozone emissions from some air purifiers are very harmful to your health. Read more to learn how to choose a healthy air purifier. Read more

Professional scent diffuser | What can it do?

What we smell has a great influence on how we feel. Read about the effects and how to use a professional scent diffuser here. Read more

An air purifier for MCS | How effective is it?

The most important thing with MCS is to avoid toxic substances. One of the most effective ways is using our air purifier against MCS. Both at home and at work. Read more

An air purifier for Asthma? How effective is it?

Find the right asthma air purifier with HEPA filters, ozone emision free for your needs. An air purifier is an essential tool against asthma. Read more

Protect your practice room against viruses with an air purifier

Doctor’s practice, dental practice or a physiotherapist practice. They are vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. A good air purifier for a practice room helps. Read more

Remove wood stove fine dust from the air with an air purifier

Wood-burning stoves emit many harmful substances, including fine dust. With a HEPA air purifier, your wood-burning stove effectively removes fine dust from the air. Read more

Air purifier for a large room | An effective system against viruses

A polluted ventilation system creates unhealthy air in large buildings. With a professional air purifier you can effectively remove fine dust and viruses. Read more

An ioniser for fighting viruses in the air

Eliminate airborne virus particles with an ioniser and fight the corona virus. How does ionisation work and is it really that effective against viruses? Read more

Fighting pet allergies with an air purifier

Bad dog smell in the house? Or allergic complaints due to bird dust? An air purifier against pet allergies offers a solution. Read more about it here. Read more

Poor ventilation in schools, does ventilation with an air purifier help?

Many schools have to deal with poor ventilation in corona time. This has risks. Is ventilating with air purification the solution? Read more

UV light against viruses: a powerful combination with ventilation

They both fight viruses: UV light and ventilation. But can UV-C light also make the flu virus harmless? And what does ventilation do against viruses? Read more

Air purifier with UV-C lamp, does it really work?

According to research, A UVC lamp in an air purifier makes the coronavirus harmless. Is that true? Does a UV-C air purifier really help against corona? Read more

Air purifier in a fitness center, does it help against virus?

Air purifiers significantly improve the air quality in fitness areas. But does an air purifier in a fitness center also help against viruses? Read more

What is fine dust? How harmful is it?

You have probably heard of fine dust. But.. what exactly is fine dust? And what are the causes? Read it here and find out if an air purifier could help against it. Read more

Best air purifier test (2024)

The best air purifier of 2024. The technique of air purifiers has been tested by TNO. What does this test mean and what makes the winner so good? Read more

Air purifier for a hair salon | Remove dust and odor from the air

An air purifier in a hair salon improves air quality. No more bad smells, paint gas and fine dust. Read more about hair salon air purification here. Read more

Air purifier nail studio | What is the best buy?

Air purifiers remove fine dust from the nail studio. They also remove bad odors. But.. which one should you buy? Read it here. Read more

Does an air purifier protect against the flu virus?

An air purifier against the flu virus: does it offer protection? And is it possible to remove viruses from the air? Read more about it here. Read more

Dust in the workplace? Dusty office? An air purifier helps

A dusty workplace or office causes complaints among staff. Do you want to remove dust from the air in the workplace? Will an air purifier help against dust? Read more

Industrial air purifier | Effective industrial fine dust removal

Unhealthy fine dust in industry. With an industrial air purifier at the office or for a large room, you protect your employees. What is the best buy? Read more

Remove fine dust from the air at school with an air purifier

Fine dust in schools causes health problems. Young children are very vulnerable and can even develop asthma. Does an air purifier help against fine dust at school? Read more

Preventing allergies due to fine dust, you can do that with an air purifier

Do you suffer from fine dust allergy complaints? Are you itching or coughing more than usual? Read about an air purifier against fine dust allergies here. Read more

Fine dust from tires: a bigger problem than asbestos?

Attention motorists. Fine dust from tires and brakes harms the environment and your health. How bad is it? Does an air purifier help against tire fine dust? Read more

Microplastic air purifier, why protection is necessary

More and more stories are circulating about microplastic fine dust. According to some, an air purifier against microplastics offers a solution. But does it really work? Read more

Pellet stove fine dust, is it dangerous?

A pellet stove emits fine dust, that’s a fact. But does this fine dust concentration make a pellet stove unhealthy? Find out about it here. Read more

Fine dust and the Working Conditions Act, what do you need to know?

The fine dust limit value has been tightened even more from 2020 onwards. What are the latest ultra fine dust health and safety developments? This is something you need to know as an entrepreneur. Read more

The best air purifier for allergies

An air purifier at home against allergy complaints. Find out what the best air purifier for your allergy is. And keep your home free of dust and pollen. Read more

What is the ultrafine dust standard in the Netherlands?

Many people are aware of the fine dust hazards. From what concentration is ultrafine dust unhealthy? And is there an ultra-fine dust standard? Read more

Air purifier for the living room, what do you pay attention to?

Going to buy an air purifier for in the living room? Here are a number of points you should pay attention to. For example, where do you place the device? Read all about it here. Read more

Fine dust printer: how dangerous is it?

Printers in a work environment are indispensable. However, many people are unaware that a printer emits fine dust. Is this dangerous for employees? Read more

Fine dust in the office is harmful to employees

Of the total disease burden in the Netherlands, 4% can be linked to fine dust. Should employees be concerned about fine dust in their workplace? And what can you do against it? Read more

Fine dust at home? How dangerous is it and what can you do about it?

A study by the Dutch Longfonds shows that 1 in 7 households in the Netherlands has an increased concentration of fine dust. A high concentration of fine dust in the house can often be prevented, but it can also be removed from the house when it is already there. Read more about it here. Read more

Air purifier for in the bedroom, why should you?

A bedroom air purifier ensures that you sleep in clean indoor air. Read more about what you should pay attention to when buying a bedroom air purifier and what the best choice is for you. Read more

Fine dust coming from highway, health risks for local residents

Fine dust coming from the highway leads to health problems for local residents. What can you do if you live next to a busy road with high fine dust concentrations? Read more

Fine dust meter | Test indoor air quality

With a fine dust meter you can measure the air quality in your home. The portable fine dust meter can also be used in the office or in the car. Why is a fine dust meter essential for everyone nowadays? Read more

Fine dust map: Europe and the Netherlands

The fine dust map shows you where in the world this form of pollution occurs most. Long-term exposure to fine dust is potentially deadly. Even at low concentrations there is a great risk. Read more

Smoke extraction in hospitality

We offer you the best extraction systems for the hospitality industry. We have suitable extraction for every type of location and business. Here we list a few situations and options. Read more

Fine dust, air quality and absenteeism

Fine dust is a serious danger to the health of employees. Poor air quality means that employees are less concentrated and therefore less productive. Read more

Remove fine dust with 4 effective tips

Removing fine dust is essential because the dust particles can be very dangerous to your health. Do you want to remove fine dust quickly in your area? Read the four best and most effective tips here. Read more

Indoor Air Quality

We breathe in and out more than 23,000 times a day. We spend almost 80% of our time indoors. The cleaner the air we breathe, the better we feel and the healthier we are. Read more

Smoking room in offices

Employees in Europe spend a large part of the day in office buildings. Air quality is therefore very important. In offices it is often the same type of spaces that cause nuisance. Read more

Scent diffuser

As an up-and-coming company, you can’t avoid scent marketing. You want your customers, guests and employees to be satisfied. Read more

Odour neutraliser, choose Metazene®

Unpleasant odours are a nuisance for employees and customers. However, not all products are safe and effective in neutralising these odours. Metazene® is the best product to eliminate odours effectively. More importantly, it is safe to use in the presence of children, patients and other vulnerable people. Read on to find out what it is and why it is so effective.
Read more

Scent marketing, what is it and why is it important?

Scent marketing helps to positively boost the perception of your organisation. Find out all you need to know about what scent marketing is, how it improves your business and which scent diffuser is best for you. Read more

An air purifier for a company

An air purifier for a business can improve work productivity by up to 15%. Which device is recommended for business owners? Read more

Air purifier for the office

Musty odours or fine dust hinder the productivity of your employees. An air purifier in the office counteracts this. Why is a purifier such a smart move? Read more

Air purifier fine dust – Best buy

Fine and ultrafine dusts are very harmful to health. Protect the air in your home or workplace with a good air purifier. Read more

What is the best air purifier? Buying guide and advice

The best air purifier is not easy to find. In our buying guide we explain which purifier is the best for your specific situation. Read more

What we can do to fight fine dust, ozone and air pollution indoors

Fine dust and ozone negatively influence health and environment! Learn how to overcome these and protect your home and work space with AXP Read more