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About us – Extreme Air Products

Who are we?

Since 2008 we have been a producer and distributor of, among other things, air purifiers, smoking areas and particulate matter meters. As a passionate team on the Amsterdam canals, we deliver our products to organizations, institutions and companies worldwide.

In the early days, our focus was on helping customers who needed clean air smoking areas. We saw that many smoking areas in the Netherlands had to deal with air pollution. For that reason we developed the EAS1300 air cleaner. The special thing about this model is that it filters and removes air pollution for more than 99% with a patented technique. This technique has been tested by TNO and we still use it. This makes our air purifiers super effective against air pollution such as fine dust.

In 2020 we are doing more than just ensuring that smoking areas in the Netherlands are spotlessly clean. With our air purifiers we also ensure that you can live or work in healthy indoor air. A clean indoor climate offers many advantages. Various studies indicate that employees are not only more productive, but also report sick less often. In a private sphere, clean air offers protection against many allergies and health risks. Think of lung complaints and asthma.

Our mission and vision

We stand for healthy air in every building. We believe that every person has the right to clean air in their environment. That is why we develop products that optimize the air quality within buildings. Both business and private. Our vision is to create more awareness for the global particulate matter problem. With our products it is possible to measure particulate matter. As well as completely removed from the air.

Why we are committed to combating fine dust

Nowadays we read many worrying reports about the particulate matter problem in the Netherlands. Research shows that particulate matter contributes to 4% of the total disease burden in the Netherlands. It is not for nothing that institutions such as the Long Fund, the Heart Foundation and the RIVM have been warning for years about the health risks of particulate matter. Many people are unaware of these risks. We therefore want to create more awareness for this problem. Especially buildings in large cities and along motorways are excessively exposed to particulate matter. Air cleaning is a must in these areas.

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