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An air purifier for MCS – how effective is it?

One in every four Americans suffer from MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) when exposed to common chemicals. As shown in a recent study of the University of Melbourne. How effective is an air purifier for MCS? In Europe, MCS is now also regarded as an emerging new disease. Due to MCS environmental nature, experts on the matter have much discussed the role an air purifier could play in treating this disease. But what is the best air purifier for MCS? Continue reading to know more.

What is MCS?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity is an environmental disease, characterized by increased sensitivity to common low-level chemicals. The European Parliament has recently defined MCS as a new disease due to the pollution in the environment increasing by 300% the prevalence of diagnosed MCS in the last decade. Experiences and tests on air purifiers for MCS show positive results.


Airpurifier for MCS symptoms



It is not always easy to identify the factors responsible for the manifestation of hypersensitivity. Indeed, many products used in our daily life can be responsible, making their identification often complex. Among the volatile organic compounds that have the greatest impact are:

  • fresh paints
  • pesticides
  • perfumes
  • cosmetics
  • building materials and industrial fumes
  • cleaning products

Exposure to these products can be respiratory, digestive, or cutaneous.
Consequently, significantly altering the quality of life of the person. Patients are within their own homes intoxicated. Could an air purifier for MCS alleviate the symptoms?

Can an air purifier help MCS?

The treatment of MCS is quite complex. The experts agree that the best treatment is addressing the environmental factors that cause the hypersensitivity. Given that we spend an average of 80% of our time indoors, removing chemicals and their fumes from your home is essential to treat MCS. Thus, an MCS air purifier is crucial for treating it (as it has been shown in the latest studies).

Buying an air purifier for MCS. What should I look for?

A good air purifier to treat MCS has an HEPA filter and emits no ozone. You should also consider the noise it produces and where you will place it.  As well as being essential to take into account the energy consumption. For a bedroom, the EA15 is ideal. This device produces a decibel level of only 25 dBA. Thus, almost inaudible to humans. The EA15 also has an extremely low energy consumption (using only 10W at its max). This is a very economical model compared to other air purifiers. Furthermore, our purifiers do not emit ozone, so you can rest assured when using one of our air purifiers with MCS.


MCS airpurifier


Air purifier for MCS, which one do you need?

Depending on your work environment, you can be exposed to many chemicals, as it is the case, for instance, for hair salons, nail salons and industrial factories. A study taken place in Korea, showed how Multiple chemical sensitivity could  also be caused by exposure to ignition coal fumes in the workplace. It is very important to protect your workers from such exposures to avoid problems such as absenteeism.

What is the best air purifier for MCS?

In the workplace we recommend the EDC650, a professional air purifier specially designed for workspaces. It is powerful, quiet and energy friendly. All these features make it the best workplace MCS air purifier. Thanks to its high capacity (650 m³ per hour), it is also extremely suitable for larger workspaces. Are you looking for an air purifier for a small workplace? Then the EA30 is an excellent alternative.

Other strategies to treat MCS

MCS needs multiple strategies, to effectively treat it. In addition to a good air purifier, you should as well use:

  • Latex-free paper face masks or cotton masks and filters and/or masks with a high-efficiency particulate absorbing filter (HEPA) and activated carbon filters.
  • An active carbon water purifier with a percentage of rubber gaskets < 3%.

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