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Scent experience in your business environment. How does it work?

Specific scents can intensify peoples experience of products and services. Scent diffusers are used in many situations to either neutralize odors or to gradually send a very pleasant scent into the room. Scent has a huge influence, e.g. on the performance of your employees, or the mood of your guests or customers. In addition to making a visit more pleasant, research shows that scent also has a direct effect on our memories. Extreme Air Products offers a diverse range of fragrance solutions.

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Neutraliser light

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Scent Experience

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The Scent Experience is an advanced aroma diffuser, capable to provide areas up to 800 m2 with the desired scent. With its many setting options and the extended selection of fragrances, it allows you to create every desired scent experience.

With the Smartscent, scent marketing is now also available for smaller practice and group areas. With the ready-to-use fragrance flacons and a 3 position slider to adjust the intensity, the Smartscent offers an easy application of aromatherapy.

Besides scent marketing the elimination of bothersome odors is also essential for a pleasant working and living environment. With the use of neutralizing cartridges undesirable odors are broken down at a molecular level.
The Superscent is the powerful solution for odor neutralization. The Superscent can be controlled with an app and can be set completely according to your needs.
The Neutraliser offers a no-nonsense application of odor neutralization. No bells and whistles, but effective.