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Fine dust meter | Test air quality in your home or workplace

A fine dust meter measures the amount of fine dust in the air. These particles are expressed in PM (Particulate Matter). The operation of the device is based on laser detection of particles. This technology ensures that the fine dust particles present in the room are counted effectively. The more fine dust there is in a room, the unhealthier it is. Ultra fine dust in particular is very harmful to your health.

Are you considering to buy a fine dust meter? Read in this blog why measuring fine dust is essential for your air quality and health these days.

Fine dust: what is it and how big are these particles?

Before we go into the fine dust meter, it’s important to know what fine dust actually is and how big the particles are. Fine dust refers to all dust particles in the air. These different particles have various sizes, up to a maximum of 10 micrometers. Traffic, industry and people themselves are the main causes of fine dust in the air.

Measure fine dust? Why should you?

According to the Dutch Lung Fund (Longfonds), the air quality in 1 in 7 Dutch households is insufficient for most of the day due to fine dust in the house. A high concentration of fine dust increases the risk of health problems. You can think of symptoms like breathing problems, fatigue and headaches. People with heart problems and vascular problems are even at risk of developing serious heart complaints.

There is only one way to find out what the air quality is like in your room, namely by measuring it. This is possible with a professional fine dust meter. It accurately counts the number of fine dust in the room. Another nice thing about such a device is that it requires little technical knowledge.

You can also measure the effectiveness of your air purifier, air filter or extraction installation. Imagine that you have a purifier at home and the fine dust meter for your home indicates that the amount of fine dust in the room is too high. In that case you know that your current air purifier does not optimally filter fine dust particles. Do you want an air purifier that removes 99.98% fine dust from the air? Then the EA30 is a good choice!

What is the measuring range?

You usually measure fine dust between 1 µm and 10 µm. The unit µm is equal to one thousandth of a millimeter. This is a good indication of how small fine particles are.

Where should I use a fine dust meter? At home, at the office…?

Due to its portability, the device can be used almost anywhere. Common places are for example at home or at the office, but also in a classroom or at a workplace. Buying a fine dust meter at home is a good way to measure the indoor climate. You can improve the air quality in your home based on the measurements. A professional fine dust meter also provides insight into the fine dust levels in the workplace. For example, is a fine dust air purifier necessary in the workplace? You gain insight into this by measuring the indoor environment.

What is the best fine dust meter?

In our opinion, a good fine dust meter should have the following properties: accuracy, ease of use and mobility.

The AXP fine dust meter meets all these properties. For example, it accurately measures the air quality up to 5 meters around the monitor. The values are easy to read from the built-in color LCD screen. It measures fine dust ranging from PM1, PM2.5 and PM10. And the device is also portable, making it easy to take to different places.

Buying a fine dust meter? How much does a good one cost?

You don’t have to expect much from a fine dust meter under € 100. Above this price, there are many choices. The higher the price of the device, the more options it offers. The AXP fine dust meter provides sufficient information for measuring the most important values. Do you want to measure fine dust at the office or at home? Don’t look any further, because it’s ideally suited for this!

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