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Smoking rooms

Usually, smoking rooms and cabins are heavily polluted. Cigarette smoke, yellow walls & ceilings and extreme smell contaminate not only the smoking area itself, but also the surrounding areas, such as the hallway, rooms and departments. All of this can now be history with Extreme Air Products.

Patented techniques for smoking rooms

Extreme Air-Products developed a patented system to purify and keep the air clean in secluded areas. The system is based on the natural characteristics of air. Everyone who has seen a hot air balloon, knows that hot air moves upwards, and colder air moves downwards. The EAS 1300 makes optimal use of these facts.

Outstanding air quality in smoking rooms

The Extreme Air-Sensation places clean air into the room at floor level, forcing the warmer air further upwards. This polluted air is drawn into the Extreme Air-Sensation and is cleaned, so that the machine can blow out purified air back into the room from the floor up. This way there is an unnoticeable cycle created, resulting in a comfortable atmosphere and excellent quality of the air in the smoking area.

Sustainable and budget friendly

Naturally, every room needs ventilation in order to dispose heat and gain plenty oxygen into the area. Because the great effect of the EAS 1300 however, minimal ventilation is sufficient, meaning no huge fans, no drafts and very low energy costs. The Extreme Air-Sensation therefore is not only good for the user and smoker, but also to the budget of the owner.


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