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Dehumidifiers for your working and living environments

When the humidity in a room is above 60% for a long time, it can lead to several problems. The risk of mold, rust, wood rot and condensation increases, causing damage e.g. floors, furniture, paper and art. In such a situation, it is important to get the humidity at the right level. This can be done by using one of our dehumidifiers.

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XLO100 Dehumidifier

– max. 13.5 l/day
– max. space 100 m2 Read more

XLO140 Dehumidifier

– max. 19 l/day
– max. space 140 m2 Read more

XLO190 Dehumidifier

– max. 25.5 l/day
– max. space 190 m2 Read more

XLO210 Dehumidifier

– max. 30 l/day
– max. space 210 m2 Read more

XWD80 Laundry dehumidifier

– maximum 12 l/day
– max. space 80 m2 Read more

XWD100 Laundry dehumidifier

– maximum 13 l/day
– max. space 100 m2 Read more

XWD140 Laundry dehumidifier

– maximum 19 l/day
– max. space 140 m2 Read more

XWD180 Laundry dehumidifier

– maximum 31 l/day
– max. space 180 m2 Read more

XBD230 construction dryer

– max. 41 l/day
– max. space 230 m2 Read more

XBD450 construction dryer

– maximum 49 l/day
– max. space 450 m2 Read more

XKD230 professional dehumidifier

– max. 42 l/day
– max. space 230 m2
– HVAC connection possible Read more