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Tackle air pollution directly with an air purifier against fine particles

It has been scientifically proven that an air purifier removes fine dust from the air. It is an effective method because it removes harmful particulate matter from the air. It is important that you protect your home or workplace against harmful dust particles. Inhaling ultra-fine dust often leads to health problems. Especially people with a house dust allergy are susceptible. Fortunately, a good air purifier against fine dust is the solution.

How does an air cleaner remove fine dust from the air?

An air purifier against fine dust works with a HEPA filter. A HEPA filter is actually, simply put, a sieve. A sieve that consists of cardboard and glass fibres. These attributes not only ensure that the air is optimally purified. Ultra-fine dust is also effectively tackled. Moreover, even the very smallest particulate matter is taken away. An air purifier against fine dust purifies your air for almost 100%. All in all, it ensures that an air cleaner effectively removes fine dust from the air.

Which particulate air purifier is the best buy?

If you are looking for an effective fine particle air purifier, then the EDC650 is the best choice. This air purifier has a filtering efficiency of 99.99%. As a result, all harmful substances, including fine dust, are removed from the air. In addition, this purifier is quiet and has a low energy consumption.

EDC650 aircleaner
The EDC650 is the best air purifier against fine dust on the market

The main advantages of an air cleaner against fine dust

Using an air purifier to remove particulate matter from the air. This is very important both at home and in the workplace. This way you can prevent staff absenteeism, among other things. Moreover, a particle air purifier ensures better continuity of your business operations. You also want to feel comfortable and healthy in the home environment. After all, you want maximum living pleasure.

What is fine dust?

Fine dust consists of very small suspended particles in the air. These particles are so small (less than 1 micrometre) that they are hardly noticeable to the eye. European legislation stipulates that a very limited quantity of ultrafine dust is permitted in the air. However, this maximum quantity is regularly exceeded in the Netherlands. This is particularly the case at industrial workplaces. Because many combustion processes are going on here.

It is therefore important, as an entrepreneur, to protect your workplace against fine dust. Because otherwise you run the risk of being fined. The Health and Safety Executive checks regularly and it is therefore important to meet the requirements. When you use a good air cleaner you meet the requirements.

Health risks of fine dust

Inhaling fine dust is harmful to your health. It penetrates very deeply into your lungs. Common complaints that occur after breathing in ultra fine dust are: coughing, tightness of the chest and other respiratory problems. In addition, according to the Dutch Heart Foundation, particulate matter increases blood pressure and the risk of a heart attack. Fortunately, the risk of these unpleasant symptoms is reduced by using a good air purifier.

Delivery and installation of air purifier or dust extractor

When you buy an air purifier from us, we take care of a quick and safe delivery. It is also possible to outsource the installation and assembly of the air cleaner to us. Furthermore, we take care of placing the air purifier in the most suitable place in your room. Moreover, we are happy to give you advice on the use of the air cleaner on site. As well as the applications.

You are welcome to consult us for advice. Or contact us if you have any questions. Like, for instance, which air purifier is best suited for your location. In short, we stand for fast and safe delivery and we are accessible to anyone who has questions or wants advice.

Apart from these tips, we have other air purifiers and air extractors for your office or company. Take a look at our offer. And choose the ideal air purifier for your situation.

Need advice or more information?

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