Clean air is our care

Solutions for smoke-, dust- and odour problems


Extreme Air Products has been the market leader for air cleaners for many yearsand still is! These high quality air cleaners are used in different smoking areas and other heavily polluted indoor spaces. We have also built up a wide range of smoking cabins and smoking rooms.

We offer and deliver our solutions to different industries. Various offices, airports, casinos, poppodia and hotels are already satisfied users of our products. Not only in the Netherlands we are active, our solutions are also used in Belgium, Germany, Austria, Ireland, Portugal and Romania!

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Amongst others we have worked together with QualityHygiene:

QualityHygiene is supplier of professional hygiene and airtreatment equipment since 1957. These product are meant for professional use in offices and institutons. Also for hotel, restaurants and bars. Over many years QualityHygiene has expanded its products-range dramatically.

Other Partners
Hiensch Engineering B.V. , technical engineers