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Best air purifier for your bedroom, what should you pay attention to?

An air purifier in your bedroom purifies the indoor air so that you breathe clean air when you are in bed. It removes fine dust, pollen, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Read more about what you should pay attention to when buying an air purifier for your bedroom and what the best buy is for you in particular.

The requirements: silent air purifier with low energy consumption

Most people prefer to sleep in a room with as little noise as possible. It’s therefore important for a bedroom air purifier to be quiet. Although a completely silent air purifier does not exist, there are models that hardly produce any noise. A so-called low-noise air purifier is the right choice. The sound of this silent air purifier is so soft that you can barely hear it. Falling asleep with a low-noise air purifier is effortless.

Low energy consumption is the second requirement for a bedroom air purifier. Remember, if you buy a bedroom air purifier, it will be on all night. With low consumption you save a lot of energy costs.

Bedroom air purifier, what is the best buy?

If you buy an air purifier for in your bedroom, make sure to get a quiet and energy-efficient device at home. An air purifier that meets these requirements is the EA15. This device produces a decibel level of only 25 dBA. That is almost inaudible to humans. Plus, that low decibel level is perfect for falling asleep and waking up peacefully. The EA15 also has an extremely low energy consumption and at its max, the device uses only 10W. This is a very economical use compared to other air purifiers.

experiences from people with bedroom air purifiers show that they sleep better

Why is cleaning the air in the bedroom so important?

On average, people spend one third of their life in the bedroom. That’s a big part of your life. Scientific research shows that good air quality in the bedroom has many positive effects on your health. It also contributes to better sleep. Better sleep leads to better performance at school and work and it even protects you against brain disorders such as depression and strokes in the long term. What you want is just silence in your bedroom. This is perfectly possible with a bedroom air purifier.

What are the dangers of polluted air in the bedroom?

With polluted air in the bedroom (fine dust, viruses, bacteria, etc.), the chance of getting unpleasant complaints is high. Think of headaches, stuffiness and drowsiness. You may also wake up from your sleep with dry eyes, a dry nose or a dry throat. These are all annoying complaints that you would rather prevent than cure. With a bedroom air purifier you protect yourself against unhealthy air.

Need advice or more information?

Obviously you want to get the best air purifier for the bedroom at home. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Take a look at our product page with air purifiers or read more about the air purifier in our extensive advice. Do you have any further questions or would you like some free personal advice? Call +31 20 6464028 or go directly to our range of air purifiers:

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