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Fighting viruses with UV light and ventilation

More attention is being paid to two hot topics: UV light and ventilation. Ultraviolet light makes viruses harmless and good ventilation helps us to minimize virus spread. The top quality air purifiers combine UV light with good air circulation. This combination is very effective in fighting viruses. Read more about it right here and find out exactly what terms such as ultraviolet cleaning and ventilation against viruses mean.

UV light and it’s different flavors

The sun gives off three different types of radiation: infrared, light and ultraviolet (UV). The latter type of radiation is interesting in this context, because UV-C light makes viruses harmless.

UV-C is one of three different types of UV radiation. In addition to UV-C, you also have UV-A and UV-B radiation. Do you want to use UV light against viruses? Then you choose UV-C. This is what entails the three different categories:

  • Radiation from UV-A: provides a quick but short tan. However, these rays can also cause damage to your skin;
  • Radiation from UV-B: this type of radiation ensures a longer lasting tan. However, it can also cause sunburn and skin cancer;
  • Radiation from UV-C: the most dangerous type of radiation for us (very harmful to your skin and eyes). Fortunately, UV-C radiation in the air is completely blocked by the ozone layer.

Virus disinfection by UV-C light

UV-C is very harmful to us as humans, but also to microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. It makes microorganisms completely harmless. UV-C technology is also very clean. After all, no chemicals are used. Researchers from Boston University in collaboration with Signify (formerly Philips) have found out that using UV-C light against viruses makes them harmless. If you illuminate contaminated material with UV-C light, this will ensure that the object is completely virus-free after 25 seconds (source).

Use UV-C as a filter in air purifiers

Some air purifiers use a built-in virus UV-C lamp. This functions to make viruses, bacteria and fungi harmless. This happens before these microorganisms enter the filter. Afterwards, the harmless virus particles are removed from the air by the filter.

Good air circulation is just as important

Not only a UV-C filter is important to remove the viruses from the air, good ventilation is also essential. Especially if you want to protect yourself as well as possible against the flu. However, not every method of ventilation is effective. A normal ventilation system often does not suffice. This is because most ventilation systems extract at fixed points and therefore the air does not circulate. In addition, ventilation systems also draw in air pollution from outside, including exhaust fumes, bacteria and viruses.

How do I ventilate properly?

We recommend that you use an air purifier with air displacement in order to remove viruses (corona for example). This unique air circulation and filtration technique works as follows: clean air is evenly blown into the room at the bottom of the air purifier. The clean air then forces the polluted air up out of the breathing zone. At the top, the air cleaner draws the polluted air back into the device. The air pollution is here effectively removed from the air through a fine-mesh filter.

What are the benefits of air displacement?

Air displacement is the best kind of ventilation against viruses and offers many advantages over other ventilation systems. The following benefits apply to air purifiers with air displacement:

  • the most healthy air quality due to excellent air circulation and filtration;
  • they do not bring in air pollution from outside;
  • very effective against all types of air pollution. Also against viruses;
  • they are 30% to 40% more efficient than air cleaners with mixed ventilation (all other air cleaners).

Are you looking for a good air purifier with air displacement and UV-C filter? Then the EDC650UV-C is an excellent choice.

Do you need advice or more information about UV light and ventilation?

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