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Does an air purifier protect against the flu virus?

An air purifier against the flu virus. Does it help? We will answer that question for you here. In the meantime, the virus has a tight grip on the world. It’s true that the government has drawn up a number of measures for protection. Nevertheless, there is a group in need of additional protection. You have to think of, for example, people who are still at work or in the office. According to some, an air purifier would help against the flu virus. Read more about it here.

Current measures

Before we discuss the effect of air purifiers against flu, we advise you to follow the measures taken by the RIVM (more information). They are:

  • Wash your hands regularly with soap and water (for at least 20 seconds)
  • Do not shake hands
  • Stay 5 feet apart
  • Use tissue paper
  • Cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow

Does an air purifier remove flu from the air?

The corona crisis has made people wonder whether it is possible to remove the viruses from the air with an air purifier. The short answer to that is yes. To explain further, the viruses is another form of ultra-fine particles in the eyes of an air purifier. An air purifier does not distinguish between a virus and a particle. He picks up both. Good air purifiers filter viruses and particles. This way you can also remove the flu virus from the air.

The airborne flu virus also needs a carrier, such as droplets, fine dust and pollen. The virus sticks to fine dust, for example, so that it spreads in a room. Fortunately, air purifiers remove these types of particles with the help of a fine-mesh filter technique.

The best technique for removing flu from the air

There are several air purifier sellers who claim to have a good working filter technique against the flu virus. Yet the difference in performance, between what they promise and how good it actually works, is often large. Extreme Air Products has developed a unique patented air circulation and filter technique that really does work: air displacement. In fact, this technique has been tested as the best by the TNO: an air purifier with displacement removes fine dust and other small particles for no less than 99.99% (!) from the air and has up to 40% more efficiency than the air purifiers using regular circulation.

An air purifier with air displacement technology guarantees the cleanest and healthiest air in a room. It protects against the smallest particles such as fine dust, pollen, exhaust gases, bacteria and viruses (such as the flu virus). Flu virus air purifier experiences also prove this to be true.

Workplaces need extra protection

Not everyone is reassured about the measures taken by the government. Additional protection against the flu virus is needed, we hear from our customers. For example, workplaces such as an office, school, dental practice, healthcare institution, gym and a nail studio benefit from clean, healthy air. An air purifier with air displacement technology offers these workplaces their desired protection.

An air purifier does not offer a guaranteed protection against corona

Keep in mind that air purifiers do not guarantee protection from the flu virus in your room. On the other hand, you do reduce the risk of contamination with a good air purifier. When using an air purifier against the flu virus, it’s important to run it as long and often as possible. It’s best to leave it on continuously. This will optimise the cleaning effect. As mentioned, also follow the measures of the RIVM carefully to keep the risk of infection as small as possible.

What is the best air purifier against the flu virus?

The EDC650 UV-C is the best choice to remove flu virus particles from your office or workplace. This virus fighting air purifier can do this thanks to a combination of unparalleled filter effectiveness, UV-C light and a very high capacity. UV-C light makes viruses and bacteria harmless before they enter the HEPA filter.

The EDC650 brings even more benefits. Firstly, it consumes little energy and is quiet. Second, it lasts for years without too much maintenance.

More information about the EDC650 UV-C can be found on the product page.

EDC650 fine dust air purifier

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