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Extreme Air Products is an international developer of solutions to optimize air quality within buildings. Our patented products are produced in the Netherlands and delivered worldwide. These are our areas of expertise:

  • Air: optimizing the air quality in the workplace (indoor air quality) to minimize particulate matter and virus concentrations and prevent absenteeism
  • Smoke: we produce powerful air purifiers to clean and filter smoking areas
  • Odor: solutions for odor nuisance and odor perception in the workplace (odor control)
  • Particulate matter: measuring particulate matter with a particulate matter meter and removing (ultra) particulate matter with highly effective air purifiers
  • Virus: our air purifiers make virus particles harmless in the air

We deliver our products to offices, airports, industry, healthcare institutions, the hospitality industry and also private individuals. Examples of projects we are very proud of: Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, BAT, Heineken, Okura Hotel, GGZ InGeest, LWL Klinieken (Germany), International Airport Kuwait, International Airport Oman.


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NAS Kuwait

Extreme Air Products helped us in a perfect way. Their air cleaning products have provided us with one of the best smoking lounges on international airports. Not only their products, but also their knowledge and service level are outstanding!

Ahmad Arab, Kuwait Airport

LWL Clinics Hemer, Germany

With the introduction of the air purifiers of Extreme Air Products, our smoking rooms have improved incredibly. Smell and smoke have decreased in such a way we don’t find any disturbances from it anymore. Also the neighboring rooms don’t experience any disturbances anymore. Through the products and services of Extreme Air Products, our smoking rooms don’t turn yellow or gray anymore and therefore don’t require maintenance anymore.

Michael Lück – LWL Clinics Hemer, Germany


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