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Fight against the viruses with ionisation air purifiers

An ioniser makes virus particles in your air harmless. The effect of ionisation against viruses has been demonstrated in 2015 by the Swedish Karolinka Institute. Due to the corona crisis, people are buying air purifiers with ionisation more everyday. Professional rooms in particular use an ioniser to keep the air virus-free. Think of a fitness center, yoga studio, pilates studio, practice space, school or office.

What does an ioniser do to viruses

An ioniser is an air purifier with an ionisation module. Ionisation is an air cleaning technique in which negative ions are brought into your air by an electrical charge. These ions attach themselves to pollutants such as fine dust, pollen, bacteria and viruses. As a result, dirty substances, including viruses, are deactivated and made harmless. In short, an anti-virus ioniser is an excellent device for removing pollution from the air and for deactivating viruses.

High hopes for a connection between ionisation and viruses

Research has shown that ionisation prevents infection with other viruses (such as the flu virus and the rotavirus).

The best ioniser against viruses

The EA90 works with ionisation before the filter. Bacteria and viruses are collected in the filter and made harmless. The EA90 also has an AIH filter. This is a refinement of the widely used HEPA filter and very effective against viruses, bacteria, pollen, fine dust and more.

Furthermore, the EA90 is energy efficient and due to its high capacity a real powerhouse. It is also ideal for use in large professional spaces. Such as offices, meeting rooms, apartments, medical practices, yoga practices and copy rooms.

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Optimal air circulation

The ventilation in professional buildings (fitness centers, schools, offices, etc.) is often insufficient. Experts believe that poor ventilation increases the risk of infection. That is why it is advisable to ventilate your room well and not give the corona virus a chance.

A good air purifier with ionisation for a yoga studio, for instance, such as the EA90, is designed to keep the air circulation optimal. This means that the EA90 efficiently transports all air pollution to the filter and collects it there.

Difference positive and negative ions

An ion is a positively or negatively charged atom or molecule. Positive ions have a degrading effect on your living environment. These are, for example, viruses, bacteria and synthetic fibers from clothing. Negative ions, on the other hand, are seen as vitamins in the air because they are vitalising the air. You will find them mainly in natural areas such as a beach or a forest. An ioniser against corona releases negative ions into the air with the intention of keeping your air virus-free.

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