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Air purifier for a company, which one do I need as an entrepreneur?

An air purifier for a company is essential to realise a healthy workplace with clean air. After all, it is important that your staff can work pleasantly and efficiently. According to the well-known inspection company KIWA, labour productivity increases by 5 to 15% if the indoor climate is good.

Air purification for your company is therefore not a cost item, but a smart investment to increase efficiency on the work floor. A professional air purifier can help to increase that efficiency.

What does an air purifier do?

An air purifier for a company helps to remove harmful substances from the air. Think about fine dust, exhaust fumes and pollen. Unpleasant odours, bacteria and viruses are also a thing of the past when using an air purifier.

The EA30 is a good air purifier for businesses.

What are the advantages of an air purifier for a company?

Why should you, as an entrepreneur, buy an air purifier for your company? The following situations will give you a clear idea of why good air ventilation in your company is very important.

1) Prevent staff complaints and increase productivity
A stuffy, musty space leads to complaints and health problems among your employees. Think of headaches or shortness of breath. It also stimulates absenteeism. A musty smell in your company is also not conducive to the productivity of your employees. An air purifier for professional use prevents poor air quality in your company. Moreover, it significantly increases your employees’ productivity.

2) Clean air is the showpiece of your company
Do you regularly have guests or customers over? If they enter in a stuffy or stale environment, it is not appreciated. A job applicant will not feel invited either. With a powerful air cleaner for your company, you ensure that the acquaintance with your organisation is a good memory.

A good purifier for businesses makes for a pleasant working environment.

What should I look for when buying an air purifier?

It is important to consider what kind of air purifier you are looking for. For example, do you want an efficient air purifier for your business? Or maybe you are looking for an air purifier specifically for your smoking room? Size is also a determining factor. A high-capacity air purifier is highly recommended for a large room, for example. Here are a few tips to help you make the right choice.

1) For large premises:
Due to the large surface area, large commercial premises need a purifier which protects all nooks and crannies of the room from harmful dust particles. The EA30 air freshener is ideal for this purpose. This unit has an enormous capacity. It quickly covers all the surfaces in large rooms. It does this with a unique patented filter technology. As well as the efficient Active-Ion-HEPA filter technology. This powerhouse is often used not only in large commercial premises but also in public places such as restaurants, hotels and caf├ęs.

2) For smoking rooms:
Frequently heard complaints about smoking rooms are that they give off an odour. They can also cause inconvenience to non-smoking guests. It is therefore important that these smoking areas remain clean and do not cause any inconvenience. The EAS1300 is ideal to keep your smoking room clean. This cleaner is known for its high-quality filtration. It has to be, because smoke smell is very persistent. Moreover, when using the EAS1300, the exposure to harmful substances decreases with almost 100%. In conclusion, the EAS1300 is an excellent choice to keep your smoking room healthy and fresh.

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