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Odour control: how to choose the right odour neutraliser, and is Metazene® effective?


Odour neutraliser: the solution to unwanted odours in your home or business?

Do you suffer from unpleasant odours in your home or workplace? From a nasty smell in the kitchen to a musty smell in the basement, foul odours can ruin your mood and health. An odour neutraliser is a popular solution to remove unwanted odours and make the air fresher and more pleasant. But some odour neutralisers mask the smell and contain toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an effective and healthy odour neutraliser. Metazene® is a patented odour control technology specially designed to effectively neutralise unpleasant odours at the molecular level without harmful chemicals. Wondering what an odour neutraliser is and how it works? And are you wondering how to choose the best solution for your needs? In this blog, we will answer these questions in detail.


What is an odour neutraliser?

An odour neutraliser is a product designed to eliminate or reduce unwanted odours. There are different types of odour neutralisers, including sprays, gels, candles, and electrical appliances, each of which works in its way. Some odour neutralisers mask the smell by giving off another scent, while others effectively neutralise and eliminate odour molecules.


How do odour neutralisers work?

Most odour neutralisers work based on chemical reactions between the molecules in the odour and the ingredients in the product. For example, some odour neutralisers use activated carbon, which absorbs and retains odour molecules. Other odour neutralisers use enzymes to break down organic compounds that cause odours. Most importantly, odour neutralisers safely and effectively eliminate unwanted odours without causing harmful side effects.


How to choose an excellent odour neutraliser?

There are several factors to consider when choosing an odour neutraliser. Below are some of the most critical considerations:

  • Type of odour. Different odour neutralisers are effective for different kinds of smells. For example, enzymatic odour neutralisers are best for organic odours, while an air freshener is best for masking superficial odours.
  • Scope of application. The area of application is vital to consider when choosing an odour neutraliser. For example, some odour neutralisers are only suitable for small rooms, while others are suitable for larger rooms.
  • Safety. Some odour neutralisers contain ingredients that can harm people, pets, or the environment. So, looking at the ingredients and any warnings on the packaging is crucial.

What is Metazene®?

Metazene® is an odour control technology specifically designed to neutralise unpleasant odours at the molecular level effectively. It uses a patented molecule that binds to and neutralises odour-causing compounds, creating an odour-free environment. In addition, Metazene® is non-toxic, non-flammable and biodegradable, making it suitable for various applications, such as personal care products, household cleaners and industrial settings.

How does Metazene® work?

Metazene® works at the molecular level by neutralising odour-causing compounds. The molecule of Metazene® is specially formulated to bind to the odour-causing molecules, thus negating the odour. Unlike other odour neutralisers that mask or absorb odours, Metazene® eliminates the odour.

What are the benefits of Metazene®?

One of the main advantages of Metazene® is its effectiveness. It neutralises odours at the molecular level and eliminates them. Moreover, Metazene® is safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable, making it suitable for various applications. Another advantage is the longevity of Metazene®. It provides a continuous odour-neutralising effect that improves air quality and creates a more pleasant environment.

Different types of odour neutralisers are on the market, including odour masking sprays, air fresheners and odour-absorbing products such as activated carbon. Compared to these products, Metazene® offers a more effective and long-lasting odour control solution. While other products may mask or absorb odours, Metazene® neutralises the odour.

Is Metazene® the best solution against unpleasant odours?

Overall, Metazene® is a robust and reliable odour control technology that provides an effective and safe solution for neutralising unpleasant odours. It offers several advantages over other types of odour neutralisers and is suitable for various applications.

Tips for using an odour neutraliser:

  1. Choose the right odour neutraliser. Make sure you choose the right odour neutraliser for the specific odour you want to neutralise. Some odour neutralisers are more effective for certain types of fragrances than others. For example, enzymatic cleaners work well for organic odours such as urine or vomit, while oil-based air fresheners are better for masking odours.
  2. Clean the source of the odour. Do not use an odour neutraliser as a substitute for cleaning the source of the smell. For example, if you have a smelly bin, ensure the container is clean before using an odour neutraliser.
  3. Use enough. Ensure you use enough odour neutraliser for the room size or area where you use it. Too little can be ineffective, while too much can be overwhelming.
  4. Follow instructions. Carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions for using the odour neutraliser. For example, some odour neutralisers should be diluted before use, while others should be applied directly to the surface.
  5. Test on small areas. Test the odour neutraliser on a small, inconspicuous area before using it on a larger surface. This will ensure the odour neutraliser does not stain or damage the surface.
  6. Ventilate the room. Ensure the room or area is well-ventilated while using the odour neutraliser. This can help neutralise the smell faster and reduce any chemical fumes.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your odour neutraliser is effective and used safely.

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