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Facilities to facilitate smokers and protect non-smokers

“Extreme Air Products has been the expert for indoor smoking solutions for over 10 years”

It started with a simple question from a tobacco company. Can you clean the air so that the non-smoker does not experience any nuisance? By combining displacement ventilation and high-quality filtration, we create optimum air quality even in intensive smoking areas. Our technology is patented worldwide and we implement this in smoking areas and smoking cabins at airports, offices, industry, hospitals, hotels, casinos, coffee shops and at home.

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EA30 air purifier

– max space 60m2
– fine dust, virus, pollen, smoke,
– odours and gases
– ionization filter technology Read more

EA500 air purifier

– max space 275m2
– fine dust, pollen, smoke
– Ultrapleat filter technology Read more

EAS1300 smoke air purifier

– max space 200m2
– fine dust, pollen, smoke,
– odors and gases
– HEPA filter technology Read more