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Scent diffuser and neutralising odours

Scent diffuser, what does it do?

As an ambitious company you cannot escape scent marketing. You like to keep your customers, guests and employees happy. A nice scent is the perfect business card. This has been scientifically proven. Coffee sales increased with 29% at Dunkin’ Donuts when they started to spread the scent of their coffee.

With a scent diffuser you make a big deal. Such a device can neutralise odours. Think of musty smells or other unwanted odours. These can be odours that come from outside or perspiration of those present. The diffuser has an enormous range and can neutralise all unwanted odours.

Buy a scent diffuser at EAP

Stroll through our product range. There you will find our effective scent diffusers. They all meet the requirements and guidelines for safety, environment and health. In addition, each scent diffuser is affordable. The diffuser can also be provided with an aroma of your choice so that you can create exactly the ambiance you want. So, not only neutralising odours but also adding a touch of scent.

Scent experience arome diffuser
The Scent Experience is a scent diffuser with a choice of over 1000 scents.

Using the scent diffuser

Easily set up your scent diffuser and determine the scent intensity, set the desired range and even the times and days of scenting. You can also vary the aromas. Changing the aroma cartridges is easy and with certain scent diffusers you can monitor the aroma use in real time. In addition, the scent diffuser warns you in time when the aroma is almost gone. This way, you can continuously neutralise unwanted odours.

Additional applications and additions for the scent diffuser

Of course, you can have a scent diffuser optimised to your situation and wishes. Here are some examples of additional applications and extensions:

  • With a motion sensor you make sure that the diffuser only turns on when someone walks by.
  • Cover the diffuser with a protective cap so that unauthorised people cannot reach it.
  • Place a wall bracket around the scent diffuser to hang it in the right place
  • Place the diffuser on a foot, so you can easily and quickly move it around

Buy scent diffuser and information

Do you find it difficult to choose between the different scent diffusers? We would like to help you with your situation and give you advice and tips without any obligation. One company is not like another. Fortunately, scent marketing is our business and we know exactly which diffuser and aromas suit your target group best. We have satisfied customers from different sectors with a fragrance diffuser. Customers from the construction industry, the hospitality industry, hotels and the business market including many office spaces.

Need help with placement or installation?

Our expert will gladly visit you to personally install the scent diffuser and give you tips about the use and maintenance. Make an appointment by phone and we will come and visit you on short notice. So you can soon enjoy the new ambiance at your work or at home.

Need advice or more information?

Stimulate the customer experience in a positive way or remove undesirable odours. Extreme Air Products will help you optimise the scent in your building. Discover the possibilities of scent on the product page of our scent solutions. Do you have any questions or would you like a free consultation? Call +31 20 646 4028. Or go directly to our scent product range:

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