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Professional humidifiers for healthy living and working conditions

The ideal humidity is between 40 and 60%. Especially during the heating season, the humidity can drop below 40%. This can cause complaints such as stinging eyes, dry skin and headaches, but it can also lead to damage to floors, furniture, antiques, paintings and musical instruments. To prevent this, you can use one of our humidifiers.

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XLB65 humidifier

– max. 23 l/day
– max. space 65 m2 Read more

XLB200 humidifier

– max. 26 l/day
– max. space 200 m2 Read more

XLB200-WT humidifier

– max. 26 l/day
– max. space 200 m2
– incl. water supply connection Read more

XLB350 basic humidifier

– maximum 60 l/day
– max. space 350 m2 Read more

XLB420 humidifier

– maximum 62,4 l/day
– max. space 420 m2
– wireless hygrostat Read more