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The XLB420, professional and powerful humidifier

  • Cold water humidifier
  • Wireless, precise hygrostat
  • Fixed water supply possible
  • Filter indicator

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The XLB420 humidifier protects valuables

The XLB420 humidifier is often used professionally to protect valuables, such as in a museum or church building. Indeed, air that is too dry is harmful to art, antiques and instruments. The ideal humidity is between 40 and 60 r.h.

The XLB420 is a cold water humidifier that works with a unique irrigation system. This system pumps water from the reservoir, which is sprinkled over the filter from above. This keeps the entire filter surface moist and optimises filter operation. For extra hygiene, a UV filter module and lime bowl former can also be used in the water reservoir.

The XLB420’s wireless hygrostat can be remotely positioned (2-30 metres), ensuring precise and stable humidity. The XLB420 is also easy to operate with its electronic control panel and accompanying remote control. With a 50-litre water tank, the XLB420 has a very large capacity. For even more convenience, it is also possible to create a fixed water connection with a water supply kit.

With the XLB420, you are assured of a professional and accurate humidifier with very large capacity and user-friendly operation.

Productspecifications of the XLB420

Technical features

Mains voltage:        230V/50hz
Max capacity:         62,4 l/day
Max space:             420 m²
Max power:             130 W
Aut. hygrostat:       Yes, wireless
Noise:                      32-58 dB

General features

Dimensions (hxwxd):  630 x 850 x 390 mm
Colour:                           white
Housing:                        plastic
Weight:                          28 kg
Operation:                    display/or via app
Stands:                          4


Technique:                 cold water humidifier
Reservoir:                   50 l
Water connection:    optional
Warranty:                   2 years

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