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The XLB200-WT humidifier, large capacity and fixed water connection

  • Cold water humidifier
  • Permanent water supply connection
  • Internal hygrostat
  • Easy to use

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The XLB200-WT humidifier, ideal for a large living room or retail space

When humidity is too low (below 40%), it can lead to damage to your belongings such as floors, furniture and instruments. For yourself too, dry air can cause complaints such as dry skin and headaches. Fortunately, with the use of a good humidifier like the XLB200, this can be prevented.

The XLB200 is a cold water humidifier with large capacity and and a fixed water connection. This makes it a suitable humidifier for larger rooms, such as a large living room, storage or retail space. Thanks to the built-in water supply connection and hygrostat, the XLB200-WT is easy to use. Once the humidifier is installed and set up, you no longer have to worry about it.

A cold water humidifier has the advantage that no moisture, lime and mineral deposits form around the humidifier. The dry, dusty air is blown by a fan through the wet humidifying filter, and then blown back into the room as humidified, clean air.

The XLB200-WT has a solid steel cabinet and is mobile and ready to plug in, so it can be installed and put into operation immediately.

Productspecifications of the XLB200-WT

Technical features

Mains voltage:        230V/50hz
Max capacity:         26 l/day
Max space:             200m²
Max power:            65W
Aut. hygrostat:        Yes, electronic
Noise:                       30-50 dB

General features

Dimensions (hxwxd):  670 x 600 x 310 mm
Colour:                           white
Housing:                        Steel / plastic
Weight:                          17 kg
Operation:                     panel, electronic
Stands:                           4


Technique:                 cold water humidifier
Reservoir:                   N/A
Water connection:     Yes
Warranty:                    2 years

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