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On this news page we would like to keep you informed of the latest developments of Extreme Air Products. For more information about certain messages you can of course always contact us.

Air Pollution Kills 3 Million Every Year, Figure Could Double In Coming Years, Study Finds

Pollutants including ozone and fine dust particulate matter — particles so small they’re invisible to the naked eye — contribute to lung disease, heart disease and other serious health problems around the globe, researchers say. Read more

AXP proud exhibitor at commercial fairs

Last week Extreme Air Products proudly presented its products and services at the technical facility exhibition in Den Bosch, as well as the International Amusement Industry Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany. Read more

Fine Dust – The choking gun

Bad air quality indoors is closely linked with asthma and, in 2008/09, 1.1 million working days were lost in the UK alone due to respiratory problems, yet IAQ (Good indoor air quality) inside lags far behind that of outdoor air quality on the public and business agenda. Read more