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Air purifier test – What is the best model of 2024?

The Dutch TNO institute has tested the air circulation of air purifiers for effectiveness. Their test shows that air displacement gives the best results. Nowadays, interest in air purifiers is increasing, both for offices as for homes. The reason is obvious, as the air around us is becoming more polluted. But which air purifier is the best option to improve air quality? You can read the results of the test here.

How did TNO test the air purifiers?

To determine the effectiveness of air purifiers, TNO went to a restaurant in Haarlem. There they placed four air purifiers in a smoking room. During the test eleven people were present in the room, of whom nine people were smoking.

The air purifiers with displacement technology showed an astonishing result. With the use of displacement technique the air in the respiratory zone contained 99% less harmful substances.

The efficiency of air purifiers based on air displacement is 30% to 40% higher than that of conventional air purifiers with mixing ventilation, like most wall units. With conventional air purifiers the exposure to harmful substances is much higher.

Below you can read the complete conclusions of the test, or you can download it as a PDF file.

EDC650 fine dust air purifier

What does the air purifier test mean?

Nowadays, many air purifier sellers claim that their filter works effectively. These claims are often based only on the specifications of the filter alone. What an air purifier actually does is not included. That does not provide a reliable picture for the consumer. You have to understand that the way of air circulation is at least as important as the effectiveness of the filter.

The TNO air purifier test does include the practical operation of the filter in its study. Therefore, the results of this test provide a reliable picture.

How does air displacement work?

What is interesting about the best air purifier from the test is how it operates. First of all, the air purifier blows clean air evenly into the room. Hereby, it creates an air layer that always fills up from the ground. This means that there is no draft. The clean added air forces the polluted air up from the breathing zone. The polluted air draws into the device at the top of the room, where it gets filtered. Using the best tested air purifier ensures the cleanest, healthiest air in your space.

Why using an air purifier with displacement pays off

A displacement air purifier is the best choice for professional spaces and individuals. Clean air comes with many advantages, such as a higher productivity on the workfloor and less absenteeism. Air displacement technology realizes a high level of air circulation as well. This means that the air is distributed well in every corner of the room.

The best air purifier from our test

The best air purifier with displacement is the EDC650. This model is specially designed to remove air pollution in professional workspaces. From our own consumer research, the EDC650 came out as the best tested air purifier. The combination of air displacement with an effective HEPA filter makes it unbeatable. The EDC650 has a lot of power to keep demanding areas continuously clean, and it contains a low-noise motor so dentists, hairdressers and healthcare workers are not disturbed during their work. Read more about the EDC650 on the product page.


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