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Industrial air purifier EDC650: The most effective fine dust air purifier ever

EDC650 fine dust air purifier
  • Most effective technique against fine dust
  • Filters fine dust for 99.99%
  • Very high air capacity (650 m³ / hour)
  • Very quiet (27 – 49 dB)
  • Low energy consumption (max. 167W)
  • Multiple year long durability
  • Small maintenance only once a year

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EDC650 industrial air purifier, perfect for the office, school or healthcare facility

It’s there! The best air purifier against fine dust. This new air purifier, suited for large spaces, has a unique circulation and filter technique. The independent research agency TNO has tested the technology of the EDC650. This showed that the technology of the EDC650 is unparalleled effective against fine dust: 99.99% (!) of all fine dust particles in a room were removed.

The EDC650 is an ideal air purifier for a large space. Such as in an industrial business, in the office, at school and in a healthcare institution. These buildings are vulnerable to fine dust and need protection. The EDC650 offers this protection.

The EDC650 can be set to three air speeds. The EDC650 is very quiet. The decibel level is, depending on the air speed, between a pleasant 27 and 49 dB. The EDC650 also has a maximum air capacity of 650 m³ per hour. The air purifier is also very energy efficient. It consumes only 45W on average use.

The EDC650 is also available in white color (click to zoom-in):

Product specifications of the EDC650

Technical specifications

Average consumption:         66W
Max. air capacity:                  650 m3 / h
Max. space (advice):             100 m2
Fan speeds:                            3
Filter effectiveness:               99,99%
Noise:                                      27 – 49 dB

General specifications

Width:                                     45 cm
Height:                                    185 cm
Color:                                       Black / White
Weight:                                    45 kg
Operation:                              Hand
Mounting:                               Standing


Ionizer:                                    No
Filter system:                         HEPA
Optional filter:                       Active carbon
Warranty:                               2 years

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