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Air purifier in the office, why is it so important?

Keep the air quality of an office healthy with an air cleaner. Is the indoor air quality in an office poor? Then the health of employees can be at risk. What are sources of air pollution in the office? These are printers, viruses, bacteria, pollen and fine dust. How can you avoid these risks with a professional air purifier in the office? Read more here.

What does the Health and Safety Executive say about air quality in offices?

The requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act can be found in the following document. The Working Conditions Act sets a number of standards for the climate in a workplace. For example, air freshening equipment must always be ready for use. These devices must also be equipped with a control system. This system must be able to detect malfunctions in the equipment in good time. In addition to requirements, the Health and Safety Executive also issues recommendations. One such recommendation is to regularly replace the dust filters in the ventilation system. Air purifiers filter out the smallest materials. Such as ultrafine dust. This is not the case with air conditioners. These devices only filter coarse materials. Would you like more information on this subject? If so, you can consult the Health and Safety Portal.

What are the risks to employees of poor air quality at the office?

Air pollution in the office can be harmful to employees’ health. They can contract sick building syndrome. This is literally becoming ill as a result of a poor office climate. What are the well-known symptoms of sick building syndrome? They are headaches, dry eyes, fatigue, lack of concentration and even bacterial infections. This all leads to a loss of productivity. Something that, as an entrepreneur, you definitely want to prevent. An air purifier for the office can help to greatly reduce these risks.

The air quality in the office is of great importance for employee productivity

What are the advantages of an air purifier in the office?

There are many advantages to using a professional air purifier in the office. Firstly, an air purifier removes unpleasant and musty odours in the workplace. Unpleasant odours have different causes. Think of certain production processes, people’s work clothes and the building itself. An air purifier in the office ensures that bad air is a thing of the past. An odour-free environment in the office stimulates employee productivity. As a result, more work is completed in a shorter time.

An air purifier in the office has even more advantages. Because an air purifier also removes bacteria, viruses (such as Covid-19) and fine dust in the office. As you probably know, fine dust has potential health risks. Examples are asthma attacks, coughing fits and tightness in the chest. (Read more about air purifiers for asthma). When breathing in ultrafine dust (particulate matter smaller than 0.01 millimetre), the risks are even greater. In some cases, this leads to less elastic blood vessels. And also an increase in blood pressure. The health of your employees is important. So prevent these risks with a professional air purifier in the office.

What is the best air purifier for the office?

The EDC650 is a professional air purifier specially designed for office spaces. It is powerful, quiet and energy-friendly. All these features make it the perfect office air purifier. Thanks to its high capacity (650 m³ per hour), it is also extremely suitable for larger office spaces. Are you looking for an air purifier for a small office space? Then the EA30 is an excellent alternative.

The EA30 is a good air purifier for businesses.

What are the disadvantages of an air purifier at the workplace?

Besides the advantages mentioned, purifiers also have disadvantages. For example, no purifier can offer a 100% guarantee of removing particulates, viruses and bacteria. In addition, some air purifiers fail with regard to circulation. It is also known that some purifiers have weak filters. The air purifiers of Extreme Air Products, however, have a filter efficiency of 99.98%. This ensures optimal air quality.

Why is an air purifier for the office an excellent investment?

In short, an air purifier in the office is a good investment. Because it combats absenteeism, viruses, bacteria and particulate matter in the air. In addition, an air purifier within your working environment ensures higher productivity. And a fresh and hospitable office space. Just don’t expect purifiers to filter out 100% of odours and fine dust.

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