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Scent marketing: what is it and why is it important?

Scent marketing helps to positively stimulate the perception of your organisation. The workplace will be experienced as more pleasant. And besides that, scientific research has shown that scent marketing also determines the buying behaviour of consumers. A well-chosen fragrance contributes to the customer experience and stimulates the buying incentive. In the hospitality industry scent marketing ensures that certain smells create a cosy atmosphere so that guests stay longer and order more drinks.

What is scent marketing?

In marketing, scent marketing refers to all measures which have a certain goal by using fragrances. Usually these goals are to increase product sales, customer loyalty and brand value. A well-scented space creates a pleasant feeling for consumers and makes them want to stay longer.

Smell is the sense that is most closely related to the hippocampus, a structure in the brain that is responsible for our memory.

What is the importance of scent marketing?

Smell is perhaps our most underrated sense. The effect of smell on the experience of a hotel guest, customer, resident, visitor or employee is greater than the music in the background or the colour of the carpet. If it smells dirty somewhere, this immediately determines our opinion of this place. It also works the other way round. Grandmother’s meatballs, the tomato soup on Sunday with Studio Sport on the sofa. Smell determines our memory. This makes it so necessary and also interesting to influence the smell in your building.

Using the right fragrances can stimulate purchase incentives

If it doesn’t smell good, let us help neutralise these unpleasant odours. In healthcare, think of incontinence odours, patients with open wounds, the sometimes musty smell in PG departments. But also typical unpleasant odours caused by moisture. Manhole odours, toilet groups that do not smell fresh, sewerage problems. Or the smell after a building has been (partly) set on fire. Or body odours in changing rooms of gyms, hospitals or factories.

It is just as interesting to influence the smell in a positive way. Think of saunas, wellness centres, gyms, hotel lobbies, shops. Scent marketing is an emerging way to excite customers. To grab the attention, to create a positive memory.

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Stimulate the customer experience in a positive way or remove unwanted odours. Extreme Air Products will work with you to optimise the scent in your building. Discover the possibilities of scent on the product page of our scent solutions. Do you have any questions or would you like a free consultation? Call +31 20 6464028. Or go directly to our scent product range:

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