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Scent marketing wellness, why?

The number of people going to a wellness centre to relax is increasing rapidly. Scent marketing helps your wellness resort to distinguish itself and to make the experience unforgettable for your guests. This has to do with the special connection between scent, emotion and memories. It helps people relax, makes them happier and helps them remember your centre. We explain the effects of scent marketing in wellness and how to use it to achieve your goals.


What effects does wellness have on people?

Many people go to a wellness centre to relax. A day of relaxation. This relaxation also has significant health effects. For instance, it has been researched that people who come out of a wellness centre have a significantly lower cortisol level than when they enter the resort. This means that people experience less stress when they go to a wellness centre. Also, according to a Japanese study, a spa day makes people feel happier. Naturally, you want to maximise these benefits. Scent marketing in your wellness centre can help you take these effects to a higher level.



Scent marketing wellness



Why is wellness necessary?

Everyone has experienced stress. Before an important meeting at work, a sports competition or an exam. This does not have to be a bad thing at all! Stress gives us a push and helps us to perform optimally. We call this acute stress. However, if the stress moments follow each other constantly and we have too little rest, chronic stress arises. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly common nowadays and has negative health effects such as poor sleep, headaches and anxiety. To counteract this, relaxation is very important. Unfortunately, this is becoming increasingly difficult in our modern society. We can be reached 24 hours a day, receive stimuli from social media or quickly watch a series on the train. That is why you often get new ideas in the shower, as you have nothing to do. As a wellness centre, you play an important role in helping people relax. Scent marketing goes hand in hand with wellness.


Why scent marketing in my wellness centre?

What we smell always seems to pass us by. We are much more aware of what we see and what we hear. That is why many people think that scent marketing does not add much to wellness. Nevertheless, our sense of smell is perhaps our most important sense. It is probably the first sense to have evolved and is located in our brains right next to the part that processes emotions. Hence, it has the greatest impact on how we feel and behave. Think about how you feel when you walk past the fresh bread section in the supermarket. So, if you want people to relax in your wellness resort, you’d better take scent marketing seriously!


Do people return more often to a wellness centre with scent marketing?

The short answer is yes. Smells have a much stronger impact on our memories and emotions than our other senses. So, if your wellness centre smells good, this has a greater impact on how people experience it than what it looks like or what music is playing. If you spread a distinctive fragrance, people will also associate this fragrance with their enjoyable day at your centre. Every time they smell that fragrance, they think of the wellness centre. It also works the other way round. If it smells bad, maybe due to sweat or other body odours, people will not like to come back to your spa, no matter how nice the rest of the day was. Scent marketing is therefore an essential part of your wellness centre.


Which scents are most effective?

There is no single scent that is best in all areas of the spa. It all depends on what you want to use scent marketing for in your wellness centre. It has been proven that the scent of lavender makes people feel fresher and more relaxed. The scent of lemon has completely different effects. It stimulates the production of dopamine and serotonin enormously. These two substances make us feel more content and happy and less anxious. So, there are several things to achieve with scent marketing your wellness resort! It is even possible to influence the buying behaviour of people in, for instance, your restaurant.


  • Let your guests relax
  • Your wellness centre will be better remembered.
  • Your guests feel more satisfied and happy
  • Associate your resort with positive emotions
  • Remove bad body odours effectively.


How does scent marketing work?

Professional scent marketing in wellness works with the help of a scent diffuser. These are machines specially designed to bring fragrant essential oils into the air for us to smell. This is done with the cold mist technique. Because the machine puts the scent into the air as a mist, it does not sink to the ground but spreads itself through the air. This way, the scent stays longer and you are more economical with your oil!


Scent marketing wellness


What scenting machines are there?

Scent marketing in the wellness area comes in many shapes and sizes. For the larger spaces, like the lounge and the restaurant, there is for example the Scent Experience. This machine is perfectly suitable for spaces between 100m2 and 800m2. This device also has many setting possibilities. Because of this, you are not limited to a single scent, but you have the possibility to compose a real scent plan.


For the smaller spaces, think of salt baths or saunas, the Scent Experience is not necessary. Here we recommend the Smartscent. This device is suitable for spaces up to 100m2 and spreads a consistent fragrance. So you don’t have to worry that the fragrance will diminish. Your guests will continue to enjoy it.


Do you need advice or more information?

Do you have questions about scent marketing? Or are you convinced and would you like some free advice about what scent marketing can do for your wellness organisation? Discover the possibilities on our product page or call us on +31 20 646 4028.