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Scent Experience | Revolution in Scent marketing

Scent experience arome diffuser
  • Scent experience in your company
  • Areas up to 800 m2
  • Wide choice of scents
  • For shops, casino’s, hotels, healthcare, wellness, sports centers

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Scent Experience

The Scent Experience is a new, highly innovative scent system. Do you want to use scent marketing successfully within your company? This scent machine has been developed to influence the scent experience to your liking in rooms from 100 up to 800 m2. The possibilities of this product are almost unlimited. Different scents have different effects. In a casino you are more likely to use a stimulating scent, in a hospital a refreshing or clean scent is more obvious, while in a shop a relaxing effect is often preferred. The device can be set very accurately. You can set the exact intensity and on which times and days the system is active.

Scent marketing

Scent is perhaps our most developed sense. We don’t think about it every day, but scent has a huge influence on our experience. If it doesn’t smell good somewhere, this immediately determines our judgment about where we are (think of: the smell of adirty litter box in someone’s home, a pit or sewage smell in a restaurant or shop, smell of sweat in a gym). It also works the other way around. If it smells good somewhere, we feel comfortable. We feel more eager to buy bread from the baker who just took the croissants out of the oven.

Scent experience

With scent we can positively influence the experience of our guests or customers. In more and more organizations, scent experience is becoming an explicit part of their marketing mix. In a hotel lobby, for example, it is about the design, the music and the scent experience. We see this in more companies like: casinos, hospitals, gyms, supermarkets, shops, you name it!

Result? The experience in your building is positively affected thanks to the specially developed scents. Whether it concerns the reception of your office building, the lobby of your hotel, a fitness center or a retail area. The smell in your building determines what kind of memory your visitor will have.

Where is the Scent Experience currently being used?

  • Hotellobbies

  • Healthcare

  • Casinos

  • Fitness centers

  • Saunas

Productspecifications of the Scent Experience

Technical features

Mains voltage:         230 V / 50-60hz
Technics :                  Atomisation
Operation:                Weekly programm
Space advice:
Model Alpha:           70 – 150 m2
Model Beta:             150 – 400 m2
Model Gamma:       400 – 800 m2

General features

Model Alpha:            210x230x62 mm (LxHxD)
                                 2,1 kg
Model Bèta:              230x300x90 mm (LxHxD)
–                                  3,6 kg
Model Gamma:        260x350x128 mm (LxHxD)
                                 4,7 kg
Casing:                       Aluminium, acrylic


Standard:                   CE
Colour:                       Black
Warranty:                  1 year

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