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Smartscent | Powerful aroma diffuser

  • Easy to use
  • Ready-to-use fragrance bottles
  • Consistent fragrance diffusion
  • For practice rooms, retail, offices, yoga studios

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Scent experience with ease

With the Smartscent you can easily create an aroma experience in rooms of about 60-80 m2. By using a cold mist technique, the scents, based on essential oil, are introduced into the room. You can determine the desired intensity yourself with a slider.

Where is the Smartscent currently being used?

  • Practice rooms

  • Group areas

  • Yoga studios

  • Retail

  • Offices


Thanks to a balanced selection of fragrances, the desired aromatherapy is possible for every room and application. For the mystical, spiritual experience there are scents such as Palo Santo and Sage. Lavender is a classic for those looking for peace and relaxation and citrus vanilla is also a soft, warm scent that is very pleasant in, for example, a store. Of course there is also an invigorating citrus scent available, lemongrass sage, and with clean cotton you create the warm and refreshing feeling of freshly laundered cotton.

Productspecifications of the Smartscent

Technical features

Power supply:              1 battery type D
Optional:                       USB connection
Operation:                    with slider
Positions:                      30-60-90 days
Space advice:               25 – 100 m2

General features

Width:                           100 mm
Height:                          210 mm
Depth:                           83 mm
Casing:                          Plastic
Weight:                         375 g


Standard:                      CE
Colour:                          Black
Warranty:                     1 year

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