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The XLO100 dehumidifier, effective approach to moisture problems

  • Built-in hygrostat
  • R290 refrigerant gas
  • Energy efficient
  • Robust and durable
  • Easy maintenance

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XLO100 dehumidifier, ideal for basement, garage or holiday home

Excessive humidity can have unpleasant consequences over time, such as mould and wood rot. With the XLO100, these problems can be prevented. The XLO100 is a powerful condenser dryer that keeps the humidity at the desired level thanks to an accurate, built-in hygrostat.

A condenser dryer uses a fan to suck the air inside the dehumidifier over a cold evaporator block. Due to the strong cooling of the air, much of the water vapour contained in it is precipitated. The cooled air then passes a warm condenser block and is blown back into the room as dry air. The condensation water is collected in the built-in 11.4-litre reservoir, but connecting a permanent drain is possible.

The XLO100 is a robust dehumidifier in a steel casing, made for long-term and intensive use. Thanks to its wheels, the dehumidifier is easy to move. Of course, the XLO100 is also protected against freezing and water overflow. With this Swedish product, you are assured of a high-quality and efficient dehumidifier.

Productspecifications of the XLO100

Technical features

Mains voltage:        230V/50hz
Max capacity:         13,5 l/day
Max space:             100 m²
Max power:             190W
Aut. hygrostat:        Yes
Noise:                       54-58 dB

General features

Dimensions (hxwxd):  527 x 345 x 495 mm
Colour:                           silver
Housing:                        steel
Weight:                          18.5 kg
Operation:                     manual
Mounting:                     standing, mobile


Protection class:      IPX1
Reservoir:                 11,4 l
Permanent drain:    optional
Warranty:                  private 2 years /
                                 business 1 year

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