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Smoke extraction in hospitality

Buy extraction or an extraction installation for your company in the hospitality industry. As the owner or manager of a hospitality establishment, you want your guests to have a good time. After all, a pleasant scent is very important in your restaurant, café, venue or event space. This ensures that your customers like to come back and go home with a feeling. You also want to strive for a healthy environment and meet all the health and safety conditions. You can find the best extraction devices for the hospitality industry in our collection. We have suitable extraction for every type of location in the hospitality industry. We list a few situations and options below.

“I have a big venue where a lot of people visit. So I need good extraction. Which extraction device is best for my business? “

In this case we recommend the EA500 air purifier. This device is mounted on your ceiling or wall. This air purifier takes care of the extraction. It’s an efficient and fast solution for extracting and cleaning the air at your location. The EA500 is ideally suited for a café, conference center, restaurant, hotel or other company. This extraction for the hospitality industry has earned its reputation.

“The smoking area at my location needs good smoke extraction”

The EAS1300 is a recirculation system especially made for a smoking area, smoking room or smokey cafe. This extraction device not only provides extraction, but also optimum filtration of the air. This smoke extraction has been successfully tested by TNO and our customers are extremely satisfied with it. Besides smoking areas, this smoke extraction device is also very suitable for restaurants with a smoky open kitchen. Just think of it, no smoothly running café is possible without a proper smoke extraction system.

More extraction systems and odor solutions

The extractors we spoke about above are just a small selection from our collection. Browse our range of air purifiers for other alternatives. Do you need extra ambiance in your venue? We have quite some odor solutions in store! You can buy scent diffusers, neutralisers and aroma diffusers from us. The aroma diffuser can produce scents that exactly match the atmosphere and purpose of your business or venue. This way you will attract even more customers!

Service and installation

Do you quickly need an extraction device for your company and don’t have the time or know-how to do this yourself. No problem. We are happy to visit you for professional installation. Our technician will place your extraction device in the most suitable place in your company. You will immediately receive an explanation about the operation of the extraction or smoke extraction. You can order a product via our site or make an appointment quickly and easily.

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