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Do we have to protect ourselves against fine dust from microplastic?

According to new research, we eat, drink and breathe microplastics and this is harmful to your health. No wonder that the need for fine dust protection from plastic is increasing. Does an air purifier work against these microplastics? Removing microplastic fine dust from the air can be done in various ways. According to some, an air purifier is the best choice. But is protection actually necessary? Read more about it here.

What is microplastic?

Everyone knows what plastic is, but microplastic is not as well known. When we talk about microplastics, we mean plastic particles smaller than 5 millimeters. You can find them everywhere. It is in your water, in the air and on the ground. They are even present in your tea or toothpaste. Did you know that a plastic tea bag leaves 11.6 billion microplastic pieces in a cup?

It’s logical that we want to get rid of fine dust from plastic. Using an air purifier against microplastic. How much will it actually help? We will discuss the effectiveness of this later.

Does a microplastic fine dust air purifier offer a solution?

How does microplastic particulate matter get into the air?

Many of your care products contain tiny plastic particles. You should think of peels, shampoos and cosmetics. Microplastics from car tires and some types of clothing are also found in the air.

Car tire wear in particular is a major source of plastic ultra-fine dust. A study by the RIVM already showed in 2012 (!) that about 900 tons of tire wear fine dust was emitted into the air. Given the increase in the number of cars on the road, we can assume that these emissions have only increased.

Do you want to know exactly what is in your products? This is possible with the app from The Plastic Soup Foundation.

Microplastic research is causing concern

Not much research has yet been done on microplastics. That’s because it was long believed to be harmless. With new research we now get a better picture, which include the consequences of microplastic.

A study of the link between textiles and microplastic leads to alarming conclusions. It turns out that microplastic from clothing penetrates deep into the lungs of textile workers, with potentially dangerous infections as a result. The link between microplastic fine dust and allergies or increased irritation of the respiratory system has already been proven (Gasperi 2018).

The harmful effects of microplastic fine dust

We won’t die from contact with microplastic after one time. Long-term exposure to this in our indoor climate(for instance at the office or at home), on the other hand, is very unhealthy and can cause serious health problems.

Little research has yet been conducted into the harmful health effects of plastic ultra-fine dust particles, but what is known to us now, is of great concern to us.

We know that your immune cells are vulnerable to microplastic. These cells recognise plastic fine dust particles and then try to attack them. Only problem is that the immune cells themselves die from doing this.
Plastic in the lungs is also very harmful, because human lung tissue does not grow in the presence of microplastic. This is shown by laboratory research at UMC Utrecht.

Clean, healthy air is extremely important to us. We plead for action against this emerging plastic assassin. Could this be possible with an air purifier to get rid of these microplastics?

Get rid of plastic microplastic fine dust with an air purifier

You will find numerous methods on the internet to remove microplastic dust. However, the only proven effective method is to use a good air purifier. It’s important that the microplastic air purifier contains a HEPA filter.

The EA30 air purifier is such an air purifier. With its unbeatable technique, it removes all air pollution for 99.99%, including microplastics. In companies and offices, the EDC650 air purifier is the best anti-microplastic air purifier.

Air purifiers keep your space clean and healthy without having to look after it. It’s ideal for at home or at the office. Certain groups have an added advantage in removing microplastic from the air. Such as people with a lung disease, dust allergy or asthma. (Read more about air purifiers for asthma). Treat yourself to a healthy and clean space and buy an air purifier against these microplastics.

Also an innocent looking tea bag contains many microplastic particles

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