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A professional scent diffuser, what is it and what can it do?

We all smell, 24 hours a day. Scenting directly determines our image of the environment. Because certain smells evoke strong memories of the past. That is why scent marketing has been on the rise for years. But how does a professional scent diffuser work? And for which purposes do you use scent marketing? In this blog, we will provide you with all the facts about professional scent diffusers and essential oils.


Professional diffusers, why is it useful? Smell is perhaps our most underestimated sense. We are all very aware of what we see and what we hear, but what we smell seems to pass us by. Yet nothing could be further from the truth! Smells have a huge influence on how we feel, how we behave and what we think of other people (source). Some people experience this even more strongly than others. Also to achieve professional goals, people increasingly use scent marketing. For instance with a scent diffuser.


Scent marketing with professional scent diffuser


Our brain and scent, what about it?

Our brain processes odours and emotions right next to each other. Therefore, smells have a stronger emotional response than, for example, sounds or images. A scent diffuser takes this into account. Because people remember memories better when emotions are linked to them, scent also plays an important role here. Many people are not aware of the effects that different aromas have on our lives. But when we lose our sense of smell, as many of us unfortunately have experienced through corona, we notice how important it is. Can these effects be applied in a professional way with a scent diffuser?


What does a professional scent diffuser mean for me?

Yes you can! Many organisations are already using professional scent diffusers to achieve their goals. For example a hotel lobby where the smell of fresh linen makes guests feel at home, but there are many more goals possible with scent marketing. It has been shown many times that the right aromas strengthen the buying incentive in shops. Also, people remember your brand a lot better when it has a distinctive smell. These effects do not even have to be consciously noticed by people. Research has shown that people trust each other more when the smell of freshly ground grass is in the air, even when people do not consciously notice it! So a professional scent diffuser is very versatile:

  • Increase the sales incentive in your shop
  • Make people relax even more in your massage parlour
  • Stimulate the productivity of employees with stimulating fragrances
  • Eliminate bad smells in your nursing home with scent neutralization
  • Don’t be forgotten thanks to a recognizable scent


A scent diffuser in a professional environment. Is it useful?

That odours have a real effect on people should be clear by now. But that these effects are very large is increasingly shown by scientific research. Many studies have been done to measure these effects. It appears that customers stay 27% longer in a shop if there is a strong, pleasant fragrance. The number of impulse purchases also increases significantly. In a supermarket, for example, a strong, pleasant fragrance increases this number by as much as 43%! People’s willingness to buy increases even if it smells good in a room. For an unknown product, people are sometimes even prepared to pay 40% more. A professional scent machine works wonders!


Smartscent, an ideal professional scent diffuser


Professional scent diffuser in the care sector

A fine aroma does not only have commercial advantages. A scent diffuser also contributes to a pleasant environment. In healthcare, a fine aroma is of great importance to residents, visitors and employees. The smell of wounds, faeces or incontinence is very unpleasant. For residents, this reduces the pleasure of living and even the quality of sleep. Care workers who have to work in a foul odour every day have less job satisfaction and this even leads to a higher outflow. A professional scent diffuser can be an important part of the solution.


Essential oil, necessary for a professional scent diffuser?

Most scent diffusers work on the basis of a fragrance oil, also called essential oil. Although this liquid is called an oil, there are no fats in it. It is a liquid composed of many different scents. Because there are thousands of fragrances, each essential oil is personally composed by a professional. This way, our diffusers provide the best possible experience!


How does a scent diffuser work?

Different aromas have great effects on people. There are many ways to spread the desired fragrance in a room. Candles, scented sticks or sprays can all be used, but the best method is with a scent diffuser. A professional scent diffuser works with the so-called cold mist technique. Here, the liquid un-vaporised fragrance oil is dispersed into the air, creating a cold mist. This mist spreads evenly through the room and does not sink to the floor. The fragrance therefore lingers longer and the oil lasts longer!


A good example of a professional scent diffuser is the Smartscent. This device is easy to operate. Its strong fragrance oil and effective design make it an excellent choice for improving business results with scent marketing.


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