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Dusty workplace? Let’s do something about it!

Do you also work in a dusty work environment? You recognise it: red burning eyes, concentration problems, itching, tightness and irritated airways. Not exactly beneficial to your productivity, time to do something about it, because dust in the workplace is not only unhygienic and bad for the company image.. It’s also very unhealthy. Many office dust complaints seem harmless, but can cause serious damage with prolonged exposure and thus be undermined in the long run.

What types of dust are at your workplace? We’ll explain how to remove a lot of dust in the workplace. For example, does an air purifier help against dust in the office?

What exactly is the dust in your place at work?

Dust at work is best described as a collection of small, solid particles. Well-known places where you often see dust at work is on the printer, the keyboard, the desk and the screen. A dusty workplace is a major point of irritation for many people. As an employer, it’s therefore important to keep your office or workplace dust-free in order to keep your employees happy.

The difference between office dust and construction dust

In construction, workers have to deal with materials that contain quartz dust. This is released during drilling, sawing and milling. Hazardous substances are also released when working with wood and metals. Employers must therefore ensure that their employees do not come into contact with these dust particles. Construction workers who work in a dusty environment can get serious lung diseases in the long term.

Offices and workplaces are also subject to dust. In fact, often it’s people themselves that are the cause of a dusty office. Over time, for example, particles from clothing and skin flakes can create a lot of dust in the workplace.

Dusty office and external factors

Dust at work is sometimes also due to external factors. Think of pollutants from the carpet, plasterboard or paint. A poorly functioning ventilation system is also often a cause of dust. Poorly filtered air exchange also draws in harmful dust particles from the outside.

One of those harmful dust particles is fine dust and ultra fine dust. The dangerous thing about small dust particles is that you only notice the effect after years of exposure. Fine dust is called an “invisible assassin” for a reason!

Health complaints due to dusty work environment

In the short term, a dusty work environment causes complaints such as sneezing, coughing, runny noses and itchiness. Other complaints come with long-term exposure to dust. These are usually much more serious. An example is people who develop cancer after years of working with asbestos (source). Protection is necessary to avoid such health risks. But how do you protect yourself against dust in the workplace?

Remove the dust from the air in your workplace

An air purifier against dust is the best way to extract and remove dust from the air in your workplace. Good air purifiers use a HEPA filter. This filter is specially designed to filter and remove the smallest dust particles. In this way, air purifiers with a HEPA filter remove all dust particles and you protect yourself and your employees against the health complaints mentioned before.

What is the best anti-dust air purifier on the market?

The best air purifier to make and keep your office or workplace dust-free, that’s without a doubt the EDC650. This anti-dust air purifier is specially made to provide large spaces with the healthiest indoor air. Thanks to its unique filter and circulation technology (also tested as the best), the EDC650 effortlessly removes all dust particles from the air. More information about the EDC650 can be found on the product page.

The advantages of a dust-free office or workshop

Working dust-free only has advantages. Health gain is the most important of these. A clean working environment without dust will minimise the risk of dust-related complaints and diseases. A dust-free workplace also increases efficiency. For example, machines last longer, they come to a stop less and you have to clean your office less.

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