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How do you suffer from allergic complaints due to fine dust?

A fine dust allergy is a hypersensitive reaction to small dust particles in the air (up to 10 micrometers). Do you experience allergic complaints yourself due to fine dust? Then you might suffer from a fine dust allergy. Removing fine dust from the air is therefore necessary to maintain a healthy indoor climate.

Read on to find out the most common fine dust allergy symptoms. Are you allergic to fine dust? An air purifier ensures that you no longer have problems.

The interest in fine dust control is greater than ever

You may have noticed it, you read more about fine dust in the news everyday. For example, the cabinet is working on a new fine dust standard and the FNV trade union has set up a fine dust reporting point for Schiphol employees. People are increasingly aware of how dangerous fine dust is for your health. Which automatically increases the demand for protection.

What are the symptoms?

Lately, the fine dust problem has become very topical. First of all, because many people experience allergic symptoms, and second, because global awareness is growing. Fine dust does not only cause an allergic reaction, it can also make you sick. Vulnerable groups such as the elderly, lung and heart patients are more likely to suffer from all kinds of allergic reactions caused by fine dust. These are the most common symptoms of fine dust allergy disorders:

  • An irritated throat
  • Lots of coughing and sneezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Headache, dizziness and nausea
  • Burning eyes
EDC650 fine dust air purifier

Eliminate fine dust allergy complaints with an air purifier

How do allergic complaints arise due to fine dust?

The smaller the fine particles, the deeper they penetrate into your lungs and into your body. The smallest particles even end up in your bloodstream. This causes various health complaints.

For a long time it was thought that fine dust only causes health problems with long-term exposure. However, new fine dust allergy research in Japan shows that short exposure to fine dust also has negative health effects.

An air purifier, the remedy for all your fine dust complaints

Using an air purifier is the best way to treat your fine dust complaints at home. This is because they work with a HEPA filter. Extreme Air Products HEPA filters remove fine dust and other air pollution with an effectiveness of 99.99%.

The experiences from people with fine dust allergies, show that removing fine dust from the air cannot be more effective than that. With an air purifier in your home, you breathe in the healthiest and cleanest air. You will notice that your fine dust allergy complaints disappear in no time!

What is the best air purifier for allergic complaints?

Have you decided to take on that pesky allergy? In that case the EA30 air purifier is the best choice for at home. This requires little maintenance and, in addition to being very quiet, is also energy-efficient. For professional fine dust allergy treatment at work in the office, the EDC650 air purifier is the best buy. The EDC650 has a high air capacity, which means it cleans on a large scale. Perfect for larger spaces.

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