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UV-C air purifier against corona: does it work?

Demand for air purifiers with an UV-C lamp has skyrocketed since the corona crisis and for good reason: more and more researchers claim that UV-C light makes the corona virus harmless. We would love to protect ourselves from this invisible enemy but … what of this is true? Is it advisable to use a UV-C air purifier? Read more about it here.

UV in combination with an air purifier

A built-in UV-C lamp is the most common way to apply UV-C light for air purifiers. An air purifier with a UV-C filter / lamp makes microorganisms (viruses, bacteria and fungi) harmless before they enter the filter. In the filter, the already deactivated microorganisms are permanently removed from the air. The UV-C air purifier then releases healthy, clean air into the room. All in all, an Ultraviolet C light air purifier is an excellent investment to reduce the risk of corona contamination in your room.

Research shows convincing effect of UV-C against corona

Ultraviolet C light effectively eliminates the coronavirus. This is the conclusion of researchers from Boston University in collaboration with Signify (formerly Philips). The study shows the following: if you illuminate infected material with UV-C light, this ensures that the object is 99.9999% virus-free after 25 seconds (source).

What is the best air purifier with a UV-C lamp?

Are you looking for a good UV-C air purifier against corona? In that case the EDC650 with UV-C lamp is the best choice. This powerhouse uses a unique air circulation and filter technique. As a result, the EDC650 UV-C delivers absolute top performance in the field of air cleaning. Research shows: the technology of the EDC650 UV-C removes air pollution, including viruses and bacteria, with an effectiveness of 99.99%.

UV-C disinfection: how does it work?

UVC light deactivates viruses, fungi and bacteria. The light does this by breaking the DNA connections in the cell. The microorganism can therefore no longer multiply. Because of this, UV-C technology is an excellent way to fight viruses and other microorganisms.

What is UV-C light exactly?

UV-C light is ultraviolet radiation with a short wavelength. It’s a very clean technology since it uses no chemicals. UV-C radiation is extremely suitable for microbiological disinfection because it makes viruses, bacteria and fungi harmless. For this reason UV-C light is often used to disinfect water, surfaces and air. UV-C light can therefore also be used for air purifiers: the UV-C air purifier. Unlike UV-C, UV-A and UV-B are not suitable for microbiological disinfection.

Ultraviolet C light is broken down by ozone in space

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