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Bad ventilation in schools, can an air purifier help improve ventilation?

Is good ventilation in classrooms important or not? Lack of concentration and headaches are often related to quality of the ventilation. That much is known. However, it now appears that poor ventilation is probably also related to the spread of the corona virus.

Do we have to worry about this? Yes, because 70% of all schools in the Netherlands have an under-performing ventilation system (source). Just like adults, our children have the right to healthy air at school, isn’t that true?

Would venting with an air purifier help to keep the classroom coronavirus-free?

The link between ventilation and corona

We can assume that there is a connection between ventilation and corona. For example, a nursing home in Maassluis found coronavirus particles in the air ventilation system. According to many people, this is proof that ventilation systems contribute to corona infections (Trouw).

Experts are sounding the alarm for schools

In September we’ll go back to school and that poses risks of new corona outbreaks. The combination of poor ventilation in schools and many students sitting together seems quite risky. Therefore, experts are urgently calling for improvement of ventilation systems. Since the cold months are approaching quickly and the windows can no longer be opened, wouldn’t ventilation in schools with an air purifier be a good solution?

Good ventilation at school with an air purifier

Many schools wonder whether ventilation with an air purifier is worthwhile. The answer to that question is: Yes, provided that a number of conditions are met.

First, schools must choose a reliable and effective filter. Such as, for example, a HEPA filter. This is the best kind of filter you can have in your air purifier. HEPA filters remove the most minuscule air pollution particles with an effectiveness of 99.99%. This includes viruses, bacteria and fine dust.

Second, it is important to choose an air purifier with good air circulation. We ourselves recommend air purifiers with air displacement. This unique filtration and air circulation technology ensures the cleanest and healthiest indoor air quality, without drafts and pollution from the outside (more information about how air displacement works).

Normal ventilation systems fall short in time of corona

A “normal” ventilation system sucks and blows in at fixed points and does not circulate the air. As a result, the entire indoor air in a classroom is hardly refreshed with clean, filtered air. In addition, these types of ventilation systems often draw in air pollution (including viruses and bacteria) from outside.

A good air purifier continuously refreshes every corner of a classroom with clean, filtered air. An air purifier with displacement technology is 30% to 40% more efficient than air purifiers with mixed circulation. Do you want to ventilate well and protect yourself optimally against virus particles such as corona? Then it’s wise to use an air purifier with air displacement.

The best air purifier against corona for in schools

Classrooms will be protected against virus particles with the EDC650 air purifier. This air purifier works with air displacement and contains an extremely effective HEPA filter. This combination is very powerful against viruses, bacteria and other air pollution. The EDC650 also has a UV-C filter, which is specially built in to fight the corona virus.

All in all, this air purifier is excellent for use in a classroom of a primary school, secondary school, mbo school, hbo school or university.

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