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Hair salon air purifier: why should you get it and which one do you need?

Polluted air in hair salons can cause many problems. For example, dirty air can make people sick and can lead to a loss of productivity in hairdressers. The air quality of hairdressing salons is often not optimal. The daily hair treatments with paint and sprays are the cause of this. These, among other things, bring paint gases, fine dust and nasty smells into the air of the hair salon. However, an air purifier for a salon keeps the air clean and healthy. Read more about it here.

Bad air quality in hair salons

Hairdressers use various products to perform treatments every day. Think of sprays, bleaching agents and permanent liquids. This releases chemical and unhealthy substances into the air. Long-term exposure to these types of substances causes health problems for employees. Besides, customers can also be bothered by the strong paint odor that is released with these types of hairdressing products.

Take into account that ventilation systems in hairdressing salons won’t solve everything. First, these systems only refresh the air at one point and do not circulate the entire indoor air. Second, ventilation systems draw in dirty air from the outside. As a result of this, viruses, bacteria and fine dust particles get into the hairdresser’s salon. So you can say there are a certain amount of ventilation requirements for a hair salon to have healthy indoor air. An air purifier in the salon offers a solution for problems like dust, fine dust and limited ventilation.

Health complaints with long-term exposure

Long-term exposure and frequent use of materials that release chemical substances cause health problems for employees (Longfonds). The most common complaints are:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Breathing problems
  • Allergic reactions

How do hair salon air purifiers work?

An air purifier in a hair salon is an excellent choice for keeping your indoor air clean and healthy. A hair salon air purifier works with the help of a HEPA filter. This filter ensures that fine dust, viruses, bacteria, gases and dust are removed from the air. Besides that a HEPA filter also removes bad odors. After removing these particles, the air purifier will blow clean, fresh air back into the room.

Why should you buy an air purifier for your hair salon?

Every day your customers and your staff come into contact with chemicals and fine dust. As a result, this group runs the risk of the aforementioned health complaints. However, a hair salon air purifier offers them the protection and air quality they need and deserve. Furthermore, you no longer suffer from stench and odor nuisance in your hair salon. Finally, a clean and fresh smelling salon also creates a positive image.

What is the best air purifier for a hair salon?

The EDC650 is the best air purifier for hair salons. Hair salon air purifier experiences also show that. The EDC650 uses a unique air circulation and filter technique. The TNO tested this technique. The test showed that the EDC650 removes fine dust, dust and other small particles up to 99.99% from the air. That means that the EDC650 is the most effective air purifier for a hair salon ever.

What makes the EDC650 also very suitable for hairdressing salons, is the fact that it’s very quiet. The decibel level is, depending on the air speed, between a pleasant 27 and 49 dB. Finally, its energy consumption is relatively low. It consumes only 45W on average use. In short, the EDC650 is perfect for continuously providing your salon with clean air.

Benefits of air cleaning in a hair salon

Air purifiers in hairdressing salons first of all provide clean, healthy air. Second, they remove bad smells and odors. These are the main benefits of a hair salon air purifier:

  • Protection of the health of customers and staff
  • Increase in performance/productivity
  • Decrease absenteeism
  • Good for image

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