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Buying an industrial air purifier, does it really work against fine dust?

You can remove fine dust with an industrial air cleaner. The industrial sector emits a lot of fine dust due to the many combustion processes. This is very harmful to the people who work, for example, in a production area or warehouse with an indoor office. Read more about the air purifier in the industry and find out what it really does.

Fine dust in the industrial sector, how does that arise?

Research shows that the industrial sector still has a large share in the total fine dust emissions in the Netherlands. In production halls, industrial fine dust is created during certain activities. Think of the stone, wood and metal processing industry. This causes damage to the indoor environment and workers are being exposed to this form of air pollution. Long-term exposure to fine dust in industry causes complaints.

Do you work in a dusty environment yourself? Then pay attention!

You should be aware of how harmful fine dust actually is in the industry. After inhalation, particles smaller than 0.01 millimeters enter deep into the lungs and directly into the blood. According to the Heart Foundation, this may lead to:

  • Respiratory complaints: breathlessness, cough and asthma (read more about air purifiers for asthma).
  • Higher risk of a heart attack
  • Worsening of arteriosclerosis
  • Increase in blood pressure

In general, the more industrial fine dust in the air, the worse the complaints are. Air purification in industry is therefore essential. An industrial air purifier in the workplace solves this problem.

How can an air purifier in the industry remove fine dust?

It’s important to know that not all industrial air purifiers remove fine dust. Only an industrial air purifier with a HEPA filter will do that. Such a filter is simply a sieve consisting of cardboard and glass fibers. The big plus of HEPA filters is that they remove even smaller particles from the air than normal filters (including fine dust). This makes them even more effective and hygienic than normal filters.

What is the best air purifier for in the industrial sector?

In our view, an industrial air purifier or air purification system must meet a number of conditions. First, it must be suitable for large spaces, and second, it must be able to remove fine dust effectively. An air purifier for a large room with a HEPA filter, the EDC650, is the ideal choice. The air purifier experiences in the industrial sector als.o back this up.

The EDC650 is specially made for the removal of fine dust. It also stands out for its effectiveness and high capacity. It removes up to no less than 99.99% fine dust from the air thanks to its unique air circulation. The tests also prove this to be true. There is not a more effective method against industrial fine dust. The industrial air purifier also cleans around 650 cubic meters per hour, more than enough to keep industrial spaces healthy and clean.

Why you want to go for clean air in your industrial space

Clean, healthy air in your room … everyone wants that, right? However, it cannot be taken for granted. With an industrial air purifier you can achieve a healthy indoor climate. The advantages? First of all, clean air protects your employees against various viruses, bacteria and contaminants. The result of this is less absenteeism. Second, healthy air ensures higher productivity. This has been shown in research. These two advantages make a big positive difference in daily practice.

Do you need some advice or more information?

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