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Fine dust in the office, how harmful is it to employees?

Research has shown that an average of 2000 ultrafine particles are swirling around per cm3 in every clean office. Every employee of a company has to deal with it: fine dust in the office. Should employees be concerned about this? Unfortunately yes. Fine dust in the workplace is bad for your health. People also get sick from long term exposure to high concentrations of fine dust. It’s therefore no surprise that fine dust contributes to 4 percent of the entire burden of disease in the Netherlands. It’s time that entrepreneurs started to take these harmful substances seriously in the office.

Fine dust sources in the office

It’s useful to know where fine dust is formed in the office, so we can tackle the problem at the source. Machines, in general, are the biggest culprits in a workplace. Think of printers and computers. Printers in particular contribute a lot to the poor air quality at work. Is your office located next to a busy road or in a big city? There is a good chance that, without knowing it, you are working in an environment with a lot of (ultra) fine dust.

Health complaints due to fine dust at work

People who work in an environment full of fine dust often have to deal with the following symptoms: respiratory complaints, skin complaints, skin irritations and headaches. Fine dust in the office is also a known cause of allergic reactions. Such as, for example, skin complaints and asthma attacks. So people with allergies and respiratory diseases.. Be warned! Especially when working in a big city or on a busy road.

Measuring air quality at the workplace

Do you lack insight into the air quality in the office? In that case a professional measurement will offer a solution. Measuring fine dust in the office is a good indicator of general air quality. Fine dust can be measured in two ways: by an external party or by a measuring device. We recommend a fine dust meter. This price-friendly device accurately indicates the amount of fine dust in a room. The device is also portable so that it can be taken anywhere and used.

Remove fine dust from the office

Fortunately, fine dust in an office space can be prevented in a quick and easy way. With a good air purifier you filter and remove all harmful dust particles from the air, including ultra-fine dust. Our air purifiers work with a patented AIH filter technology. With this technique, the filter effectiveness is 99.98%. The EA30 air purifier is ideal for offices. This model is super quiet, has a low energy consumption and a high filter capacity.

The EA30 is perfect for solving fine dust problems in the office

Benefits of clean air in the workplace

Using a good air purifier keeps your office clean and fresh. This has a positive effect on productivity, image and absenteeism. In addition, it reduces concentration problems, fatigue and nose complaints. A healthy workplace not only ensures that your workplace is clean, but also that your employees perform their daily tasks in a fit and satisfied way.

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