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Protect your practice space against viruses? Choose a good air purifier

An air purifier for a practice room removes viruses (such as corona), bacteria and fine dust. It also ensures that you can breathe carefree in the cleanest indoor air.

Practice areas are vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and other air pollution for a variety of reasons. Therefore, it’s important to optimise the air quality within your dental practice, doctor’s practice, physiotherapy practice or massage practice. Choose for good air hygiene with air purification within your practice and enjoy the benefits.

Unhealthy air in your practice

As a dentist, physiotherapist or masseur, you know better than anyone how important hygiene is. Equally important, and sometimes forgotten, is air quality. Because unhealthy air can cause many problems. For example, the air in a dental office is polluted with chemical disinfectants and the air in a massage parlor is vulnerable to viruses, bacteria and foul odors. Fortunately, you can fight viruses and other air pollution with an air purifier in your practice.

Air purifier for a practice room: what are the conditions?

A good air purifier in your dental or doctor’s office should have a built-in HEPA filter. This type of filter removes fine dust particles, viruses and bacteria with an effectiveness of 99.99%. An additional weapon in the fight against the coronavirus is ionisation before the filter. This actually makes viruses, which are caught in the filter, harmless.

So make sure you invest in an air purifier for your practice room with a HEPA filter that will use ionisation before the filter. Some air purifiers use ionisation after the filter. However, this only has a limited effect.

Go for excellent air circulation

A normal ventilation system usually extracts at fixed points and does not circulate the air. In addition, they bring in air pollution from outside. This results in unhealthy indoor air.

Good air purifiers have air displacement technology. This technique ensures optimal air circulation and virus-free air in the breathing zone, because it effectively captures air pollution. This is why air displacement air purifiers are an excellent addition to existing ventilation systems.

Which air purifier is best for your practice?

The EA30 is an excellent air purifier for in your practice room. It contains an AIH filter (a refined version of HEPA) with ionisation function in front of the filter. This means that it’is able to effectively deal with viruses, bacteria and fine dust particles. As an additional advantage, the EA30 is low-noise, energy-efficient and can optionally be mounted on a wall. Finally, the EA30 has excellent air circulation, because it uses air displacement technology.

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What are the health problems with polluted indoor air?

You get health problems with long-term exposure to polluted air. That is unpleasant for yourself, your staff and your customers. The most common complaints caused by unhealthy air are:

  • Breathing problems
  • Lung problems
  • Allergic reactions

The benefits of air purification in your practice

Good air quality in your practice room offers many benefits. First, you improve the image. Clean air gives a good impression and also ensures that employees and customers feel at ease.

Second, clean air increases employee productivity. It turns out that when a contamination source is present and subsequently removed, productivity increases by 5 percent. This makes a huge difference in daily practice (source).

Finally, you protect the health of your employees and customers, because air cleaning is an effective means of combating fine dust, bacteria and viruses such as the corona virus.

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