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Nail salon air purifier | What is the best buy?

Nail salons deal with polluted air. This is mainly due to the polishing and grinding of nails during treatment like a manicure or a pedicure. A ventilation system is often a closing point for many nail studios. It lacks a good system to remove the dust and other pollution from the air.

Fine dust and dust from nails are harmful to your health when inhaled during prolonged exposure. Ventilation systems, however, hardly filter and remove dust. They even take in pollution. An air purifier in a nail salon, on the other hand, is ideal. This ensures that your workplace is clean and healthy. Read more about it here.

How do nail fumes and fine dust appear in a nail salon?

Before we discuss the usefulness of an air purifier in a nail salon, we first look at the source of pollution. For example, daily nail salon treatments such as the use of nail polish and nail polish removers bring nail fumes. This not only causes a stench and odor nuisance in a nail salon, it’s also dangerous for your health. For example, a well-known chemical released when using nail polish remover is acetone.

In addition, filing and grinding nails releases fine dust into the air. These ultra-fine particles mainly consist of acrylic from artificial nails, dried glue residues and even human skin.

The health risks of nail fine dust and fumes

Looking at the substances and fumes you can guess that they are not very healthy. After all, it is not entirely without reason that you put the nail polish waste in the chemo bin. The degree of use and the degree of exposure have influence on the health complaints. These are the most common:

  • Headache
  • Respiratory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea

Why a nail salon air purifier is essential

You can clean the air in a nail studio with an air purifier. An air purifier in a nail salon removes fine dust, bacteria, viruses (such as corona) and other harmful nail substances that come from treatments like pedicures and manicures. It is actually a kind of placeable extraction system for nail dust and fine dust.

With a nail studio air purifier you guarantee the cleanest and healthiest air in your workplace. This is important as employees come into contact with these substances every day. With a nail studio air purifier you protect your employees against harmful nail substances and fine dust. So no more nuisance in your nail salon!

If you work with nail polish, you know that it has a foul, strong odor. Extraction of nail dust and fumes is therefore very important. With daily use, this air can even linger in your workplace. You don’t want any odor nuisance in your nail salon. You want to be able to work in fresh air for your customers and yourself. A nail studio air purifier also works with odor extraction. This means that it removes bad smells from the air, so you no longer have to worry about the nail polish stench.

How does an air purifier in a nail salon work?

A good nail salon air purifier works with a HEPA filter. Such a filter is simply a sieve consisting of cardboard and glass fibers. It purifies the air of the smallest particles. Nail dust, fumes and fine dust are effectively removed and clean, healthy air is blown back into the workspace. A HEPA filter is the most refined filter on the market. Purifying the air in a nail studio with a good extraction of nail dust and fumes, you do that with a HEPA filter.

Want to buy the best nail salon air purifier? Choose this one

The very best air purifier for a nail salon is the EDC650! Experiences from nail studio air purifier users prove this right. The EDC650 is specially designed as a high level extraction system, more than suitable for a nail salon. It removes nail fumes and fine dust from the air very effectively. The technology of the EDC650 has even been tested as the best. The test shows that the EDC650 removes fine dust and other minuscule particles for 99.99% from the air. In short, this makes it the most effective nail studio air purifier on the market.

The benefits of clean and healthy air

First of all, using an air purifier in a nail salon ensures healthy and clean air. Second, it removes bad smells. These are the main advantages of this:

  • Healthy air is good for your image
  • You protect the health of your employees and customers
  • Sickness absence decreases
  • It increases your performance and productivity

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