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Smoking room in offices

Employees in Europe spend a large part of the day in office buildings. Air quality is therefore an important subject. In offices, it’s often the same type of spaces that cause nuisance. Take for instance repro rooms with (too) high concentrations of ozone and fine dust. But also musty meeting rooms, dusty server rooms and, last but not least, smoking rooms and smoking cabins cause odors and dust problems.

Extreme Air Products is the expert when it comes to fine dust reduction and the prevention of odor nuisance in office buildings. The labor productivity of your employees improves by ensuring a pleasant working climate. Everyone knows the feeling of a heavy head after hours of meeting in a stuffy conference room. Despite existing ventilation, most meeting rooms are not adequately equipped to work comfortably with intensive occupancy. All it takes to go home feeling good and healthy at the end of the day is clean air.

Nobody likes smokers at the entrance of your building. Smoking policy is an important topic within every organisation. 28% of European workers smoke. Luckily, we know all about the problems it might cause. We help government organisations and many companies to deal with this matter as effectively as possible.

The trick is to ensure that smokers do not cause a nuisance, do not take long smoking breaks and do not harm the image of the company by smoking in front of the entrance. With our decentralised air purification systems, we are not only the market leader but also specialist when it comes to facilitating smoking areas and smoking cabins that do not cause nuisance.

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