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Indoor Air Quality: air quality within your building

Unfortunately, few people realise that indoor air quality is often polluted and can lead to all kinds of health problems. (Source: Longfonds)

We breathe in and out more than 23,000 times a day. We spend almost 80% of our time indoors. The cleaner the air we breathe, the better we feel and the healthier we are.

The air quality in the workplace is unfortunately moderate to poor in many situations. The presence of fine dust (read more about fine dust and air quality), pollen, allergens and viruses is an instigator of absenteeism.

When the air is properly cleaned, we feel good. We are more concentrated. We perform better. Labor productivity will increase and absenteeism due to illness will decrease.

Let us help you optimise the indoor air quality within your building. This saves you the very high costs of absenteeism and ensures that your employees feel better and enjoy going to work more.

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