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Fresh & clean air in hospitality

Hospitality goes hand in hand with smoking. Examples reach from casino’s, concert venues, bars and discotheques, till hotels and restaurants: we are the expert in Europe on how to deal with smoke issues and extreme smell.

In casino’s 99% of all guests smoke, so gambling and smoking are inseparable. As a matter of fact, your guests will end up spending more when they can smoke & gamble in a pleasant and fresh atmosphere. The results are clear: Clean air increases your profits! We know your market & industry and are glad to help you improve your business.

When it comes to event- and concert venues, Extreme Air Products is the uncontested market leader in air cleaning! When there is a lot of people smoking in one room at the same time, we are the only specialist that can handle those extreme conditions and provide our customer with optimal air cleaning solutions. We are the proud partner of most event and concert venues in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Furthermore, Extreme Air Products is a well-known and important partner of the hotel business. High-end players such as several Hilton Hotels, the Okura Hotel and not to forget Hotel De l’Europe from the world-famous Heineken Beer brand trust our unique products and services!

Certainly, Dutch coffee shops are a famous phenomenon known by people from all over the world. Even in this setting, Extreme Air Products has proven to provide an excellent solution. Our EAS 1300 device effectively manages to deal with cannabis and its components. We transform any smoking room into your flagship!