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Neutraliser | Solution for odor nuisance

Nautraliser odor control
  • Neutralize and break down odors
  • No-nonsense approach
  • Specially developed neutralizer
  • For changing rooms, hospitality industry, cellars

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Neutralize unpleasant odors

With the Neutraliser you can easily tackle all odor problems. Thanks to the patented neutralization cartridges, even the most severe smells are eliminated. Whether it concerns incontinence odors in a nursing home, the smell of a fish restaurant or nuisance caused by the smell of smoke: the Neutraliser eliminates it.

Where is the Neutraliser currently being used?

  • Changing rooms

  • Wardrobes

  • Smoking rooms

  • (Fish)restaurants

  • Laundry rooms

A simple solution

Odor nuisance in the workplace can be very annoying. Especially if you have to work in it every day. The Neutraliser offers an effective solution for neutralizing nuisance odors. The unwanted odors are broken down on a molecular level, while at the same time a mix of essential oils refreshes the indoor space. In situations where entrepreneurs have often already invested a lot to combat undesirable odors, our Neutraliser turns out to be what offers the actual solution.

Productspecifications of the Neutraliser

Technical features

Mains voltage:                        230V/50hz
Fan speeds:                             7
Operation:                              manual
Space advice:                         50 – 150 m2
Noise:                                      25-35 dBa

General features

Width:                                     100 mm
Height:                                    290 mm
Depth:                                     100 mm
Casing:                                    Aluminium
Weight:                                    890 g


Standard:                               CE
Colour:                                    White
Warranty:                               1 year

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