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Air purifier EDC650 UV-C: the solution against virus particles in the air

EDC650 air purifier


keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Most effective technique against viruses and bacteria

keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Filters fine dust for 99.99%

keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Very high air capacity (650 m³ / hour)

keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Very quiet (27 – 49 dB)

keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Low energy consumption (max. 194W)

keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Multiple year long durability

keuring-vinkje-groen (transparant)    Small maintenance only once a year

EDC650 UV-C Air purifier against viruses and bacteria

The new EDC650 UV-C air purifier is the solution against virus particles and bacteria in the air. He does this with the help of UV-C lamps that make micro organisms (such as viruses) harmless. In addition, the EDC650 UV-C uses a unique circulation and filtration technique: air displacement.

The importance of protecting us against the corona virus is of course great. The UV-C filter of the EDC650 UV-C makes viruses, such as corona, harmless before they enter the HEPA filter. In the HEPA filter, the already deactivated microorganisms are permanently removed from the air.

The EDC650 UV-C has a silent operation. The decibel level is, depending on the air speed, between a pleasant 27 and 49 dB. This is comparable to a quiet classroom or a living room. Due to its high capacity, the EDC650 UV-C is ideal for large professional spaces, such as gyms, offices, schools and healthcare institutions.

The EDC650 UV-C is also available in white color (click to zoom-in):

Product specifications of the EDC650 UV-C

Technical specifications

Maximum consumption:          194W
Max. air capacity:                       650 m3 / h
Max. space (advice):                  100m2
Fan speeds:                                 3
Filter effectiveness:                    99.99%
Noise:                                           27 – 49 dB

General specifications

Width:                45 cm
Height:               185 cm
Color:                 Black / White
Weight:              45 kg
Operation:         Hand
Mounting:          Upright/Standing


Ionizer:                       No
Filter system:            HEPA
Warranty:                  2 years
UV-C module:           total of 96W UV-C lamps

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