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Air purifier EAS1300 with UV-C lamps against viruses

EAS1300 Air Purifier

  • Makes viruses harmless
  • Removes all air pollution
  • Filter effectiveness of 99.99%
  • Sustainable & energy efficient
  • Worldwide patent
  • TNO tested

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What makes this air purifier so special?

The EAS1300 UV-C is the latest development from Extreme Air Products. It has been developed according to a unique and patented concept. An unrivaled combination of high level air filtration and so-called air displacement technology delivers exceptionally high performance. Research by TNO also shows this.


FOD keurmerk

This air purifier has been added to the list of controlled and authorised air purification products against Covid-19 in Belgium.


What do the UV-C lamps do against corona?

A study from Boston University shows that UV-C light deactivates the corona virus. The UV-C filter of the EAS1300 makes viruses harmless before they enter the HEPA filter. The virus particles are permanently removed from the air in the filter. The EAS1300 is therefore an excellent investment to make your indoor air corona-proof.

Fine dust killer in high-demanding areas

The highly effective HEPA filter deals merciless with air pollution such as fine dust, smoke, exhaust fumes and more. The maximum air capacity of 1300 m³ per hour makes it suitable for large spaces and smoking areas. We especially recommend the EAS1300 for museums, gyms, halls, factories and warehouses.

Technical features

Type:                                      EAS1300
Max capacity:                       1300 m3 / hour
Max space advice:               200 m2
Article number:                    3010105
Power:                                   624 Watt

General specifications

Width:                                    80 cm
Height:                                   205 cm
Depth:                                    30 cm
Color:                                     White / Steel
Weight:                                  75 kg


Ionizer:                                  No
Filter system:                       HEPA/carbon
Warranty:                             2 years
UV-C module:                      144W in UV-C lamps

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