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Have a smoking cabin made inside or outside?

Do you want to have a smoking cabin or smoking room made for your staff, visitors or customers so they have the opportunity to smoke, without this causing any inconvenience for the non-smokers?

Free tailor-made quotation for a smoking cabin with or without smoke extraction

We can make a smoking facility for you inside and outside your building. Our patented air cleaning ensures that the smoke is removed as quickly as possible. No air extraction needed to the outside!

No yellow walls, No smoke nuisance, Energy-efficient solution

Rookcabine Smoking cabin

What are the prices for making a smoking cabin?

We build the cabins for a competitive price and produce them with high quality design material. Like all our products, your smoking cabin is manufactured in the Netherlands.

No expensive lease and maintenance rates for our smoking cabins

The maintenance costs of our smoking cabins are also very reasonable and unique in our market.

  • Determine the size of the smoking room together
  • Freestanding, custom or mobile?
  • Smoke extraction from Extreme Air Products?
  • Free advice and quotation

Extreme Air Products provides customisation and offers a number of standard sizes in its range of smoking cabins. Do you want a smoking cabin inside that matches all of your wishes? Everything is possible!

An optimal result for every budget

Together with our experts, you can choose how big the smoking cabin should be, where it will be placed inside or outside your building and which materials are used.

Experiences with our smoking areas and smoke extractors

See below some of our previous clients for smoking cabins and smoke extraction!


Are you curious about how previous clients experienced our smoking facilities and our air cleaning in these smoking areas? Read a number of reviews from our clients here.

Information requested, what now?

Gather information
In order to provide careful advice without obligation, we will first have to take a look at your situation. The size and application of an indoor smoking cabin depends on, for example, the number of people in your building, the number of people smoking during the peak time of the day and the style of the building.

Call in our experts
Once we have a good impression of ​​your situation, we will discuss the exact options for an indoor smoking cabin in your area with our experts within the company. This, of course, differs per situation. A solution will be provided that suits your style, industry and target group. A trade-off will have to be made in.

  • Which materials should be used
  • Which dimensions are ideal
  • What type of smoking cabin best suits your needs
  • Connect the smoking cabin to (if necessary) existing smoke extraction?

Free advice & quotation
Finally, we will give you a completely free quote and advice. Depending on the situation, we can optionally connect your smoking cabin to your existing extraction system, blowing the filtered air into the smoke-free area is also an option. From a technical point of view, our solutions are unparalleled. Our customers are very satisfied with their smoking cabins. Want to know more about our smoke extraction?

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