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Air purifier in a fitness center against the spread of viruses

People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of being fit. For an optimal experience, it is essential that a fitness centre is clean and hygienic. Air quality is also part of this. Research by the TU in Eindhoven makes this very clear. So buying an air purifier is an important consideration for many fitness centers. Is air purification actually effective against corona in the fitness industry? We’ll tell you all about it here!

Researchers are convinced of the use of good ventilation

Due to viruses such as the coronavirus, a lot of attention is being paid to ventilation. Especially now that research has shown that good ventilation quickly removes infectious droplets from the air in contrast to poor ventilation. With poor ventilation, drops will linger 18 times (!) longer. The German chief virologist Christian Drosten argues that “in some circumstances good ventilation may even be more effective against the coronavirus than washing hands.” So would an air purifier in a fitness center be the solution?

Poor ventilation in fitness areas

A dirty and outdated ventilation system is often the culprit of poor air quality within a sports center. In this situation, the indoor air hardly circulates and (contagious) droplets remain in the air for a long time. In addition, poor ventilation also causes physical complaints. For example, headaches, respiratory complaints and irritation to the eyes and skin.

Air pollution also comes from outside. Gyms in busy cities or along highways, fine dust and exhaust fumes get in through the window or through the ventilation system in which filters are often not dense/fine-meshed enough.

Optimizing the air quality in your gym

Using a good air purifier is the best way to ventilate your gym. You got that right! But a good one of course, because not all air purifiers on the market can remove virus particles and circulate the air properly.

A good air purifier keeps your gym clean and healthy. They do this by filtering and removing polluted air with the help of a fine-mesh filter.

Air purifier in a fitness center, which one is the best?

We recommend purchasing an air purifier with air displacement technology. These air purifiers use a unique air circulation and filter technique. They are designed to optimize air circulation and air quality.

They remove viruses, bacteria and other forms of air pollution from the air with an effectiveness of 99.99% (!). An air purifier with air displacement also removes the corona virus from the air of your fitness center (source). Plus, it’s about 30% to 40% more cost-effective than air purifiers with mixed ventilation.

An example of a good fitness center air purifier is the EAS1300 UV-C. It is perfect for large fitness halls and fits well in the room with its sleek design. Read more information about the EAS1300 UV-C.

EAS1300 Pro aircleaner

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